Tuesday, April 01, 2003

  • What: Treadmill walk
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Distance: 2 mile
  • Ave Speed: 3.0 mph
  • Ave Heart Rate: 131
  • Steps: 4848
  • Calories: 258

Missed walking yesterday so I did a quick walk today before I have to go to water aerobics class. The walk was easy but my upper body is still sore from weights. Esp. triceps -- my god! I made Paul swear to me that he'd remind me to get through weights once a week. Having to start over after a lapse is just too damn sore.

I was watching Mary Tyler Moore episodes while walking and some of them I remember liking and some of them I remember I wasn't all that crazy about. The best spin off MTM was probably Rhoda. I never fully got into Phyllis' or Lou Grant's spins. I know we laugh every time anyone at Mary's house drinks something out of the green glasses and goblets because at a flea market ages ago we bought the same 32 piece set of now-antique glassware.

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