Thursday, April 24, 2003

Napathon -- again! Man! I hope I get my period soon because this sloth feeling has to stop. I was going to go to the gym to try their water aerobics class and I never even got up until midnight. I better start setting an alarm if I am going to nap. I can't trust myself to just wake up whem I'm like this. Crmaps keep bugging me. Feel sore all over from weights... pick that up again tomorrow for lower body and then water aerobics class with Claudia. If I can squeeze it in, a walk too but I don't know how energetic I'm going to feel by then.

Today (wed) I saw the doc for my physical/PAP thing. She also said the rash thing is either eczema or psoriasis and gave me some cream samples to stick on it. If they clear up by my lab appt.-- great. Otherwise she suggested I go see a derm. Vet this weekend, allergist and lab next week, then sometime before June labs again for Dr. H. I have to make Paul go to his physical too. Poo.

Been keeping up and writing down my water -- 96 oz a day for the last two days.

Amy suggested I check for Speedo's at Sam's and they have oodles of colors and patterns... but not my size. Maybe later on in the summer... but def. a great buy if you have a Sam's card. Or at least a friend with a Sam's card.

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