Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Mixed feelings about my allergist appointment this morning.

  • Got scolded for not taking better care of my asthma, but at least it's over with now.
  • Had to have one of those treatments where you wear a face mask and inhale whatever medicine they've put in that little mist machine, but I did breathe better after.
  • Have to start weekly shots all over because I quit going and if I hadn't quit I'd be at one shot per month by now, but found out my lung function had gotten to 78% (80% is normal) before so treatment does help a lot.
  • Have to take my stinky nose spray, but at least my Advair dose is less.
  • If I participate in their new study, I have to stop TTC for 3 mos, but then again, I get free meds and a lot of free exams.

Nnnnrgh. I don't mind doing a lot of things for my health but I really dislike this part of it. I hate having to inhale things, stuff crap up my nose, or be shot. Blah!

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