Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Slept Well

I slept well. I feel refreshed this morning. That's unusual enough for me to write about it.

Still ping ponging across my different blogs trying to find a place to settle down at.

Got an new heart rate monitor for Christmas for myself. So let's see if I get around to posting workouts like I used to.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


  • What: 1.25 miles on treadmill at 2.5 mph
  • Time: 30 min
  • Calories Burned: 180 (no HRM)

Getting back into it slowly. Literally... it was a trying day but I got a tiny walk in while watching Paul play Guitar Hero. Shower and bed now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still on Square One... Kinda.

So. My posting frequency still isn't what it used to be, huh?

Today Heather and my parents came over to help me rip out plants from the garden. I gave them all some of the harvest and now I'm left with a mess of green tomato and bell pepper. I'm thinking jam for the tomato and pickle for the peppers.

Apart from my daughter, I spend a lot of time with the kitchen garden. It looks something like this, only with plants pulled out now.

The next step is to move all the beds out of the way so my garden guy can come grade my lawn and put in mulched paths for me. Then I can put all the raised beds back and cope with getting things ready for September planting. I'm adding 3 new beds this fall season, so I wanted to get the paths laid out and sprinklers reorganized.

Julia's now five and a good little garden helper.

The other day we drove by the gym and she asked me if we were going. Surpised me, but I told her not yet -- but soon. (I haven't renewed my membership yet but I plan to. She doesn't know what a membership means.)

I had tried the gym thing when Julia was around 1 year, and the daycare thing was a nightmare. Then I tried again at a different place when she was 3 and it was a lot better for a year or so until I had to cancel membership for a bit because I was trying to cut down on our budget and I wasn't being terribly consistant.

I'm planning on going Wed. and trying to get my gym bag together and its annoying me not to have everything where I want it -- iPod, lock for the gym locker, water bottle, heart rate monitor, etc.

I'm trying not to get too grumpy about the fact that it's back to square on with the gym thing... but it is really annoying to find three chest straps but no actual monitor watch! Where did it go?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And so we meet again...

Long time no see, huh?

Fast forward a few years since I last wrote. 2009 is a new year and I've been taking a PCOS health inventory.

The child is now 5 years old. She had her birthday last month. I just weaned her last fall at the start of preschool. It was a long, successful, gentle nursing career but the time had come. (At last!) We aren't planning any others.

Over hte holidays, I was feeling beserk and taking it out on spouse to the point of ridiculousness. I was fatigued, irritable, irrational. I felt like something was the matter with me but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Paul and I have been trying to spend more time together and that helps on the relationship front. More than I can say. (This thing with having a child -- it is a huge cut into couple time. And he's had work stress, so we'd been doing the ships in the night thing. That didn't help with my frame of mind while I was coping with body issues.)

Went to my family practice and got my PAP done, got a round of Provera and immediately felt better after two pills, felt way better after a very heavy period. It had been AWOL for over 5 months. I started OrthoCyclen again and now that I'm into my 3rd pack I feel so much saner I can't believe I was a raging horomonal lunatic a few weeks back.

I got my endoc. labs back, and endoc. put me on a higher dose of Levoxyl for my hypothyroid. I knew it was off!

I also got on iron supplements because I was way low. That was a surprise.

Both thyroid and low iron could explain the heavy fatigue I was feeling.

My testosterone was fine and didn't bother checking estrogens since treatment would have been to put me back on the pill and I already started it. I'm not sure how I feel about that but its my first visit with this new endoc.

(The old one I liked retired.)

The other surprise was that I show no insulin resistance! I had been complaining about my Glucophage making me feel weird to Paul and I wasn't taking it all. So now it is up to me if I feel like taking it or not and to make it easier on my stomach Endoc offered Glumetza -- a different brand of metformin. I'm giving it a try and so far so good.

So now I'm at square one at last...

The diet and exercise part of the whole PCOS mess.

And I need to make a dentist appointment next.