Tuesday, April 22, 2003

  • What: weights, upper body
  • Duration: 53 minutes
  • Ave Heart Rate: 106
  • Calories: 113

I was watching Singles again while doing weights on my Bowflex. What I really wanted to watch was the 4:50 from Paddington, a Miss Marple episode I'd been hankering to see but I can't find the DVD any where. While I was doing shoulder presses I noticed that the left pulley was being rough and on closer inspection the cable seemed to leave the pulley track. That was what was making it feel choppy. I called Bowflex up and their shipping my replacement pulley/cable today. I love good customer service! The workout was ok -- got hungry so quit before I got to triceps so sometime later I'll get to those. I have to eat the rest of my stinkin' cottage cheese fruit salad now.

I made it yesterday remembering how much Ney liked it in college and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I didn't dislike it, but I cetainly didn't LOVE it either. What did I do wrong? I had half a tub left and while looking for cottage cheese recipes I found some kind of jell-o cheese thing and since I had jell-o I tried it but it looked sooo disgusting I just threw it into the compost. I could not deal with eating that -- much worse than the fruit salad! I'll either have to keep looking for cottage cheese recipes or give up on it entirely. My mother never cooked with it so I'm at a loss for ideas. So much for that being my new food to try this week.

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