Wednesday, April 30, 2003

It is going to rain. Ick. I just got home from picking up my Diflucan prescription. Sari called and told me my Pap results were fine and that everything is normal except she found very slight hints of a yeast infection and wanted me to take the Diflucan since it's just one pill. I'm not surprised given how much time I spend in the pool or in a wet bathing suit. Too bad she couldn't have given me a sample though! At least it isn't a cream thing and now that I've taken it I don't have ot think about it an more.

Since Walmart was right next door I popped in and lucked out and got a red and blue bathing suit that ought to last me long enough to get to the end of the summer along with the blue hawaii print one. It's not a cross back but the straps are adjustable so there's no jiggling around. Hooray. Now I don't have to buy any more until they've worn through or I've lost 3 dress sizes because along with these, there are the ones from several years ago in descending size order -- the purple Speedo, the reversible blue Tyr, the aqua and black tank -- all waiting in the dresser.

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