Friday, January 30, 2004

Ok, this time it is 4 PM. So we're off again...

Thanks for the good luck wishes! But would you believe I'm still here?

Yesterday afternoon we get the car seat in the car, run by Target to get camera batteries, then pop in at Chick-Fil-A by Target for a quick dinner and then make it to hospital for our 6 PM appointment. We waited until 8:30 PM in the waiting room. We saw one of our ultrasound techs, a family I recognize by sight from all those NST's on Tuesdays, Dr. W. who did our triage visit that one time they thought my NST's were weird, and our old OB Dr. G. who wished us well. It was nice to see him -- I still hope for baby #2 we can stay with him at his office.

Anyway, a nurse came out eventually and told us she was very sorry but all the beds were full since they'd been having several emergencies. We already kind of had that feeling from the long wait and all the stuff that had gone down the hallway -- baby incubators, some women in gurney's, some babies in those clear bassinet boxes, etc. She told us she didn't expect any beds to clear up until midnight at the earliest, but more likely 5 AM. We're on the "on call" list but she also told me she's has people from 11 AM appointments who are still waiting. So it may not even be til after 5 AM. We opted to go back home and sleep. I'd rather hang out at my house waiting to be called than hang out in the hospital.

Although I am slightly peeved. If they had people from 11 AM still to be placed, why didn't they call me BEFORE my 6 PM appointment to tell me not to bother coming in until they called?

On the bright side, it gives baby a little more time to get her contractions ramped up. Paul timed them and I'm still 5 min apart but not super strong. I've had every sign labor is near except water breaking.

Crazy weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's weird thinking today might be my last day pregnant. It's also weird staring at my CD shelves wondering, "Ok, so what music would I want to labor to?" Today's going to be a weird day all over!

I slept ok once I finally fell asleep. I was aching all over -- feet, back, hands, shoulders, etc. Baby was moving around, contractiosn kept going, etc.

Now that I'm awake I feel all hyper and excited. So much like the anticipation for the Disney half marathon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Sleepy, tired, but optimisitc -- contrax since 2 PM and they're not going away despite my trying to sleep or walk or whatever. Dull back ache too. Paul is trying to get some shut-eye and I want to also so we're rested. But I can't stop thinking about steak of all things. Lara had asked me this weekend if I had weird cravings and I had told her no. Not weird cravings like strange combinations of foods. Just single food items that get stuck in my head for yonks. I had a Snickers thing recently and then a mixed nuts things, and a milk thing. Now it's become a steak thing.

These stories were a fun read.
Up early -- can't sleep because I'm hungry but I have to wait an hour because I just took my thyroid medicine. Paul is taking tomorrow off but working part of the morning from home. I'm staying home today and trying to think labor vibes. I am going to try to tie up loose ends today like the post office, bills, etc. so I don't have to be thinking about it tomorrow or over the weekend.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Just got home. Went out this morning with my parents to Wal-mart because mom wanted to get coordinating fabric for her baby dress project and Dad wanted pony beads for his craft project. I just wanted to walk around NOT on the treadmill. Stopped at the farmer's market so Mom could get produce. Then we went to Babies 'R Us where I bought a crib mattress. Then to lunch at this Italian restaurant we hadn't tried yet. It seems to be very popular -- the whole place was packed with lunch people.

I'm contracting on and off, still loosing plug chunks, and still waiting, waiting, waiting.

Paul made me laugh last night when he told me he was going to give me "frosty goblins" if I wasn't careful.

Me: What are "frosty goblins?"

Paul: That stuff I can't remember how to say right... "prostglands?"

Me: Ohhhh... you mean "prostaglandins."

(The OB mentioned that they'd start me with prostaglandin gel or similar to help ripen my cervix and the move to Pitocin when appropriate when we go to be induced Thurs. Our doula suggested lots of sex between here and Thurs. on the off chance it helps get it going quicker since semen contains prostaglandins too.)

Paul: Yeah, that. But it sounds much cuter as "frosty goblins," doesn't it?

Me: Weirdo!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Updated sonogram pix.

Not very good face pictures since I'm at -2 station and her head is getting lower into my pelvis but the tech did her best to get us both a b&w and a 3D. She's still a girl too.

Left the house at 7, back at noon. I think we spend 75% of the time waiting in the waiting room. After my postpartum visit, I won't have to go back to this office and I can go back to our family practice. Thank goodness. It's a shame because I like the Dr's, I just hate their administration. Too disorganized.

Anyway, the u/s was fine and we saw a healthy baby. She's 9 lbs or 9 and 2 oz though so after the u/s we saw a midwife. It happened that Dr. K. showed up so we may as well have scheduled with her but who knew we'd be waiting so long?

I'm 60% effaced, 2 cm dilated and I'm scheduled for induction but also pre-approved for emergency c-section onthe off chance something happens.

So baby has a few more days to come on her own if she's coming early. We're packed and ready to go. The only thing left is to stick the car seat in the car.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Friends are coming over in a bit to visit. So a quick entry while we wait for them to arrive.

I slept iffy last night -- contractions and back cramps had me cozying up to my heat pad again. Plus a little spotting. I had that once before at the OB's office and she said it's probably from dilating. It really wasn't much -- just enough to notice it on toilet paper. Baby is rolling around, kicking, squiggling and so on. The part that bothers me most is my shoulders and upper back. I must be scrunching up when I contract or something.

Tomorrow is our u/s appointment and midwife appt. I'm feeling a bit anxious about it. Part of me is excited because we get another peek at baby. The other part of me is a little worried that she's getting too big and I'll be talking induction for later tomorrow or the next day. Part of me is hoping I get to wait it out. Part of me wishes she'd GET out by any means so maybe my back will be happier. It's very weird.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Slept so-so last night. When I was actually sleeping it was nice, deep sleep. The rest of the time I was being smooshed to death by baby. Def. lower, def. heavy down low in my womb, def. a pain to roll over, get up, get around.

We were going to leave off doing groceries til tonight after we cleaned up some of the house but when I got up I told Paul I had a feeling it would be better if we did it now at lunch time. He's sick too and he likes Advil more than Tylenol so I want to make sure he has it.

Mom B. said she'd call when they all got to WV later today. The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral on Monday.

6:39 PM
Got up from nap. Going to tidy the house in a bit and sort out the shopping. We got denim tab top curtain at Bed, Bath and Beyond for our bedroom to block out the street lamp now that the bed is under the side window. The blinds get a lot but light still creeps in through the cracks of the slats and keeps us awake.

Then Target where we spent our two baby shower gift cards. We got a curtain rod, crib sheets, blankets, a duck rattle, a spanish nursery song book, a little outfit for our great niece's birthday later in the month, a new shower curtain, a lamp for the nursery that's got a wooden base and a white shade with flowers embroidered on it, and I'm sure more for the house but I can't recall what. The gift cards covered half the bill so that was good. Now I don't have to worry about losing them before I can spend them.

Off to the bank to deposit a check, then Chili's for lunch. Then the grocery store to get mini groceries (milk, cereal, drinks) and home again, home again, jiggety jig.

I actually said that in the car on the way home and Paul and I had some puzzlement over the lyrics to that because he said it was "hog" and "jog" and not "pig" and "jig." I said there was more than one verse and "pig" came first and then the "hog" and then a "plump bun" when the "marketing's done." He said he never heard of other verses and stuck to the "hog."

I found a version online but neither of us knew it this way with a "dog" and "a sweet bun."

To Market [chant]

To the market, to the market, to buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

To the market, to the market, to buy a fat dog.
Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

To the market, to the market, to buy a sweet bun.
Home again, home again, the market was fun.

At any rate, there's definitely a pig because all the other versions had the "pig" even if the "hog" and the type of "bun" might be different. So there. We jiggety jigged home!

Friday, January 23, 2004

Just got home from NST -- passed it. Got the funeral home address and sent a yellow arrangement of flowers as tribute form me and Paul after I remember how much Mawmaw liked the yellow mums we'd given her at the Strawberry Festival that one year as a surprise.


Wrote an entry about starting to decorate the baby's room in the baby blog.
Off to bed but before I go... newest belly photo up on the belly page. Paul said I'm dropping... even I can see it going looking downward now.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Thanks everyone, for the kind words re: Mawmaw's passing. The family is doing fine -- this wasn't unexpected given her age and with Mawmaw in and out of hospital since Thanksgiving. Mostly everyone is glad she did not have to linger or suffer for long. Now we're all trying to help Mom B. deal with the paperwork involved with shipping her remains to WV so she can be buried next to Pawpaw.

Paul just called from work to check on me before he drives over to his mom's to see what he can help with over there. I was napping and told him that I was feeling mostly fine -- still with the same contractions/cramps I've been having since Tuesday.

Then I got up to go to the bathroom and guess who loses her plug? I tried to call him back but he already left. Dang it. No broken waters or bloody show and losing a plug doesn't mean it will be today. But still exciting! :)

Called my doula to update her and she said it was good news and that my body is def. preparing the way. Left a message for Paul at his mom's so he knows. Called my parents to let them know just in case I wind up needing a ride quickly. Now I want to eat and probably go back to more nap!

As for the plug... it was kind of like a glob of not-quite-dry-rubber-cement. That sticky gooey but still wet it gets before it starts to get tacky, less flexible and going dry/crumbly. It was kind of white-green or white-yellow. Interesting texture. Maybe squashy like a slug?
Couldn't sleep last night because of my back/contractions.

Chinese New Year today. It's certain now we're going to add a little monkey to the family chinese zodiac-wise. (Karen is an middle Jan. birthday so she's on the border of two signs.) This makes Paul laugh because he's a tiger and has been warned to "watch out for the monkey" which he always assumed meant my Dad because he's the only monkey we had. Until now...
We just got a call from my BIL. Mawmaw passed away around 12:48 AM. Lots of thoughts in my head.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Burned my tongue drinking too hot raspberry tea. Poo. :P Cold lingers but less snot coming out of my head. I have this awful headache and sinus pressure. And the back cramps/contractions. I did get some sleep when I could ignore it all but now I'm awake and ache, ache, ache. My MIL called to check on me earlier and I told her I'm hanging in there but just wish that it was one or the other (cold vs. baby) and not both at the same time.

When Paul gets home from work today we're meeting my parents at Office Depot to get a utility table so we can finish rearranging all the bedrooms. All these boxes all over are making me crazy. I'll let him do the furniture moving and I can handle the smaller sorting sitting down.

Thurs. I have nothing going on but the house stuff.

Friday I have an NST appt. and then more house.

Talked to Lara -- they got in ok and going to help at the Corvette meet this weekend. Paul wants to pop in for a bit on Saturday to check it out -- we haven't been to the annual meet in yonks. Sun. Lara and Dean will come over to visit.

All the above is subject to change at baby's whim.

Oh, and I just got the mail with my endoc. lab results. I don't need any thyroid medicine changes and I scored a 5.7 percent on my last A1C. Less than 6.8 is considered to be in "excellent control" of my glucose.

Go me! :)

9:57 PM

  • What: shopping center walk
  • Duration: 15+ min

No formal walk, but walked around the shopping center, Kmart, Office Depot, and grocery store looking for my parents who said they'd meet us at Kmart but were actually walking around themselves. I was wanting to walk on the treadmill later tonight while watching a movie. A bit annoyed by this impromptu walk since I hadn't planned on it and I was wearing clogs rather than proper sneakers. So now my feet are complaining.

While they were bringing us the utility table from the back, Paul went to price ink for the printers and Mom and Dad hung around with me at the register. Mom told me she thinks I'm lower than yesterday so I'll take another photo to compare when Paul gets up from his nap and can help me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Quickie because I'm off to eat and then crash out to sleep. I'll catch up on the rest of my email later.

NST = passed the test. Baby was active and surprise -- I was having contractions 3-6 minutes apart.

OB = fine, still 50% effaced. But now 1 cm dilated and she felt baby's head.

So things are looking hopeful for giving birth this week on my own if these contractions are for real and keep it up.

Otherwise, Monday is the ultrasound and right after the midwife to determine whether or not I will be induced that day.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Still sick but on the mend. My head is starting to unclog. Slept on and off all day.

Paul is getting sick though and I hope he gets over it when I do so we don't play tag with it. He was going to see his grandmother in hospital after work but asked me to call his mom and tell her he's just going home -- he feels gross.

I have NST/OB appts. tomorrow -- blah.

On the baby front -- my boobs hurt, my back hurts, baby is wiggly, and the occasional BH contraction. 1 week to my u/s appt. I'm still hoping not to be induced.

This is day number 260 and you're 37 weeks pregnant!

You have 20 days or 3 weeks left, and are 92% of the way there. Baby's age since conception is 246 days or 35 weeks. You are due on 2/8/2004.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Nose = stuffy.

Throat = sore.

Head = headache-y.

Voice = AWOL.

Baby = sqiggly.

Had a lovely day -- the massages were wonderful! Lunch was yummy. Nap was divine. Had more BH contractions today that seem to be getting stronger. I'm having them now and it's distracting so I'm off to walk around or something... on top of the sore throat it's a drag. :P

Friday, January 16, 2004

Just got back from my 9:45 AM NST. I passed, but for a little bit they were concerned because baby got up to 170 BPM. She then settled back to my usual 150-160 BPM and since they like it at 120-160 bpm, I eventually passed the test. I have a sore throat so being kind of sick may have been the cause and I was having mild BH contractions throughout so that may have been the cause also. Dad stayed home sick and my SIL is also sick so this is going around.

After that Mom took me to the grocery really quick and then home. I had a bigger contraction unpacking the groceries than the ones from this morning. That one made me pause. I'm off to nap... feel a bit worn out from this morning. Still feeling that pressure in my lower womb -- if she's not dropping it sure feels like she is moving on down!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Added this pix...

... to the belly photo collection. I was trying to compare it to the last one since today I felt this pressure or heaviness in my womb. Is this baby dropping yet?! I'm soooo ready for her to be born... Paul seems to think I'm either bigger since last weekend photo or lower. To me I just look rolypoly.

(editted to add...) Oh, and breathing... I can't tell there either. I have a chronic stuffy nose and asthma so that's not a good clue. Lots of cervical mucus, but who knows if it is just CM or bits of my plug?

Actually I was wondering if temps drop when you are getting ready to labor like they do when it's a sign of miscarrying or impending period? I've never seen that brought up on any charting sites because most people quit temping after the 20 days DPO and the confirm they are pregnant. That would be interesting to know.

  • What: treadmill walk @ home
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Speed:2.0 mph
  • Distance:0.5 miles

Short preggo walk on the treadmill. Felt mostly ok but I could feel baby wriggling, settle down, and later in the walk she felt kind of heavy lower in my womb. Now that I'm resting she's squiggling around some more. I was hoping walking before bed would put her to sleep so I can sleep!

So our doula came over and we talked about both possible scenarios (natural vs induction) and our birth preferences for each. Tomorrow I have to type it all up and then e-mail her a copy. What I want to do is have a short bullet point list for the hospital staff and then an expnaded version for her and Paul to refer to if something unusual comes up. There's no point in putting down every little thing on the staff one -- I think longer birth plans don't get read as well nor honored as well as short and sweet ones. But at the same time, if something unexpected arises, I wanted my wishes known.

The little list in my planner book will do for bullets. Paul and I went to and to some other places to generate sample plans so we could adapt them to ourselves.

Paul was under the impression that an episiotomy was better than a tear while I felt a tear was better than an episiotomy so we asked our doula and she went over it a bit and told us to ask our OB her opinions on episiotomy as well. There was some other thing he was confused about... I can't remember now what it was but the doula seemed to clarify that for him too.

Really what I need to do is schedule a consult appt. rather than a short check-up OB appt. because ever since I was referred to the high-risk group, Paul hasn't had the chance to meet Dr. K. He came and met Dr. M. but through scheduling conflicts and things I've been seeing Dr. K. in the practice most rather than Dr. M. I met a midwife for one appt. but I forgot who she was already and I haven't met any of the other people.

(We both still miss Dr. G. and Terry and their office. Sigh. The larger practice groups can be so confusing!)

Came across some articles here:

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Our doula is coming over to our house in a few hours for our 2nd prenatal visit and to go over birth plan stuff. I tidied up a bit but feel hot and crampy so when she called I told her to expect a disaster area. There's still baby shower stuff all over the living room. At least I'm done with the thank you cards from that.

She laughed and said she's got 3 kids and has Christmas toys all over her living room and not to worry about it.

I'm not worrying about it... Paul is worrying about it. He's soooo nesty it's making me nuts. Every time I look at him he's worrying about cleaning something else. Last night in the shower he told me he's finally starting to relax and look forward to the idea of doing things with the baby. Before imagining the baby actually being here would send him into a panic. Maybe that's why he's been obsessed with cleaning things? Channeling panic into something productive? Or feeling the need to be in control of SOMETHING when there's this other thing that's coming he can't much control.

I don't feel nesty at all. What I DO feel is mega-horny. I dream erotic dreams that only make me feel lustier than I already do. And the trouble with 3rd trimester sex is that it's got to be very gentle, very deliberate and very easy. But what I crave is crazy, demonic, wild, jungle sex instead.

Pregnancy hormones. Whee!
Madame Zaritska predicts:

Madame Zaritska, our resident clairvoyant, wants to help you prepare for the arrival of your child. Here she does her best to predict certain aspects of your labor and birth experience. What she senses for you:

The day you deliver, outside will be windy. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning .

After a labor lasting approximately 20 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and will be 20 inches long. This child will have green eyes and be almost bald.

Green eyes huh? That will be a shocker. Mine are brown and Dad's are brown and I don't think I carry my paternal grandfather's "blue eyes" gene.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Reader Mojodiva asks:

"Was remembering your old fitness journal and wondering if you plan on beginning a new one a few months after baby arrives?"

Actually have already started to put it in place -- The Road to Orlando. It will cover getting fit post-partum and ready for the 2005 Disney Half Marathon with Adrith and Paul. I'm also trying to decide if baby is going to get a blog for her first year so friends and family can keep up with her that way. As for the old geocities stuff, I've archived it for myself but I don't know that I'll put it back up at that URL again because if I do a fitness, craft, and baby one, that's 3 already and I wouldn't want to keep a handle on a 4th. I did update the page that is there though with some notes for Jan. and the latest ultrasound photo.
Just got home from doc appts. Very tired, about to nap.

Nutshell version:

  • I've passed the NST, I'm donating cord blood, and I'm 50% effaced and a fingertip dilated.
  • Baby is active, Braxton-hicks continue to be sporadic.
  • Short preggo walk from one office to the other with my sister -- will think about more walking later after I rest.

Monday, January 12, 2004

I keep thinking of that one line from Unfinished Protrait in regards to the main character being pregnant:

"Celia was a healthy but suffering animal."

Ugh. I'm having killer Braxton Hicks and I keep wishing they'd either stop and go away or fall into a regular pattern and turn into real ones! I called Paul at work to remind him to check that baby is on our health insurance.

This is day number 253 and you're 36 weeks pregnant!

You have 27 days or 4 weeks left, and are 90% of the way there. Baby's age since conception is 239 days or 34 weeks. You are due on 2/8/2004.

From The Pregnancy Journal:

Eight-five percent of babies are born within 2 weeks of their due dates, either early or late. You have entered that time frame now.

Since the detailed u/s they've gone back to using my chart's 2/8 due date rather than the 1st u/s's estimate of 2/5. Not that 3 days makes much difference but it puts me at 253 days into it now. I'm still hoping for her coming early.

Woke up with damp spots on my nightgown. Like the diapers, I'm starting with disposables and then moving to reusable once I've used up one package but shopping for breast pads yesterday was really annoying. I don't know why they can't rate them and package them like sanitary napkins.

Baby was sort of quiet yesterday and last night which had me a bit worried but she's squiggling around now quite a bit. Must just have been sleepy. My hips hurt and my back hurts. I soooo look forward to my Sat. appt. at the spa for massage!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well, that's done. We've both entered in the 2005 Disney Half Marathon. Registration online opened up earlier than I thought it would.

Had a nice day today. Holly got me around 10 AM and we did the bank first and then popped into the new Jo-ann Fabrics where I got some more remnant fabrics for another practice doll quilt. Then we went to Panera for coffee and danish for a snack. After that we ran through my big long list of Target shopping.

I got a lot of the little things I was needing but I was really annoyed that I can't use a gift card and a 10% coupon at the same time. I wanted the 10% off, pay part of it with the gift card and then the rest of it on my Target Visa. But either the cashier didn't get it or they really won't let you do it.

But it doesn't matter, I'll use the gift card at another shopping trip -- it's not like I'll never be at Target again. We did some minor groceries so we could get a Boboli crust and Holly was kind enough to make our pizza while I put my feet up. We watched more South Park after we ate and then she went home. It was good to see her again -- she'd been sick over the holidays so I'd missed seeing her then.

My BIL called to tell us that Mawmaw perked up again after they took her off the respirator. Surprised everyone but we're all glad. We were expecting worse.
Slept so-so. Got weirdly hungry at 4 AM so ate so my fasting glucose at 9 AM was 99 rather than lower since I didn't not have the full 8 hrs fast. My allergies are also killing me. Ugh.

I'm waiting for Holly to arrive and then we're off shopping for a few hours this morning and then back to my house for lunch.

Paul's mom called last night to tell us that they are taking Mawmaw off the resiprator. She's no longer "there" mentally and not responsive and she's been on it for what? 2+ weeks now? It's tearing up her throat and basically the only other option is to put her in a nurisng home with tubes for feeding and breathing. None of her children want that and I think her living will specifies it as well.

Paul's siblings are going down there with Mom B. Paul and I aren't going. I don't want to leave town any more and he doesn't want to leave me behind. So basically it's Mawmaw's time to go... it can happen in a few hours after they turn the respirator off or in a few days -- who knows?

A part of me is sad, but a part of me is glad. I'd hate for her to linger and suffer.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Added a new belly photo. I'm wearing the 2004 Disney Half Marathon participant shirt we went to go collect this morning in the photo.

Went out to dinner for Karen's birthday in the evening -- it was nice. Busy working on getting "The Road to Orlando" back online in a readable form so I'll cut it short here... That's pretty much where I'll be moving once baby is born and I'm ready to end this pregnancy blog.

Slept fitfully last night -- my boobs ache, my back aches, and now my stomach aches and baby is turning cartwheels.

But you know what? Despite that and despite the fact that I'm not even racing, I'm STILL ridiculously excited that it is marathon weekend at Disney. In a bit we're off to Wide World of Sports to go pick up our entry packets/goodie bags and to check out the expo. Tomorow at midnight registration for 2005 opens. Last night I started sorting out the archives from 2000 and 2001 and getting a 2004 training blog together.

Talked to my Texas in-laws last night to thank them for the gift card they sent baby. Sandy told me Paul sounds excited and anxious at the same time. He is. Poor thing.

Going shopping with Holly tomorrow to spend all the baby shower gift cards I got -- I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Friday, January 09, 2004

No walk last night -- conked out after we got home from dinner. Now I'm waiting for parents so I can go to my NST appt. and get the crib in their minivan.

When we were leaving last night to go to dinner we saw our neighbor and while Paul went to get the mail I stopped to chat. She asked how I was feeling and told me since she saw me last week I looked like I was starting to drop. I certainly hope so! I'll have to take another belly photo and compare to the last one. Baby was doing biiiig stretching movements while I was sitting on the couch so I was having fun watching my stomach ripple and move around.

I slept kind of funky last night -- one of those nights were I was hot and then cold and then hot and then cold.

So I passed the NST today, got blood drawn, and then we went to lunch (93 glucose, yay). Finally we went to Babies 'R Us to get the crib and we got it home.

Mom is getting hyper and excited about the impending birth and she alternated between feeling all cuddly and maternal (ex: giving me loving looks and patting my belly) to bossy and annoying (ex: telling me what to do and second guesing some of my decisions re: baby care). I know she means well but I'm low on patience, hormonal, tired, and tired. I don't want cuddles or admonishment -- I just want the baby out!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Just got home from Red Lobster for nephew's birthday/goodbye since he leaves back for England tomorrow. Post dinner glucose was 87! My best "eating out" one ever! Yay!

Took a shower and just took a short 10 min walk on the treadmill to see if a) it will make baby sleepy so I can sleep tonight and b) help with the edema like Dr. H. suggested.

So far my hands just itch like crazy like they have been doing all day long. Poo.

[12:33 PM]

I slept better last night so I'm going to try walking again. No dice on the itching hands though --- itch, itch.

Just got back from the post office down the road 2 miles or so. I was dreading driving over there and kept putting it off but I could no longer wait because bills must go out and Paul can't make it today. Driving is annoying -- all these little ab muscles I never think about when driving are suddenly aching at me because I'm pregnant. Not very comfortable! But the bigger problem is motion sickness -- if I'm a passenger I feel ok or can zone out. If I'm the driver I keep feeling like I am going much faster than I really am and I feel all woozy. Gross.

Phone juggling... I have scheduled another ultrasound on the 26th. At first it was the 22nd, but I wanted a morning time so Paul could come. So I suppose this u/s will be one of the deciding factors if I'm to be induced or not. If so, I hope they let me induce on the morning of the 27th. Then baby will match our birthdays -- Sept. 27 and Nov 27. But I'm still hoping she comes on her own. Hear that kid? If you are coming early you have 2 weeks and counting to do it in!

Then I called the lab to see if I need an appt. to do this HIV test or what and I can just walk in. Whatever other tests I'm required by the state to have before delivery, they better get me papers soon because I am tired of being stuck with needles for things. I just did a thyroid lab this week!

Then I called the spa to schedule a Swedish massage for Paul and a pregnancy Swedish for me for next weekend. Yaaaaaay! :)

Fasting glucose = 83. Whee.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I slept most of the day and I feel a lot better. My joints in my hands hurt though and I get occassional cramps. I've been having random crampy pain/braxton hicks contractions/ itches/swelling or SOMETHING for a while now. It sucks. It is worst when I'm sitting or standing. Sigh. I keep thinking about labor and wishing it would hurry along and happen. As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant, the home stretch is really cumbersome and I really want to meet my baby!

The crib came in so Friday after the NST I'll see if my parents want to help me go fetch it in their van.

I am taking a break from cleaning the home office and organzing all the paper goods into "Neat Ideas Cubes." We have a bunch of "neat cubes" pieces we use to store things or use for iguana jungle gyms out in the cages and today I put two blocks together and the used cable ties to insert more panels in the middle for shelving so I can store our office supplies all in one spot and not have them getting wrinkly or dirty. Next I tackle the bills.

Blood sugars today range from 90-110. Yay.

Feet feel better after a bit with the foot spa I borrowed from mom but the rest of me is still dog tired and achey. At least tomorrow and most of Thurs I stay home. I want to rest and get some cleaning done in spurts. Dr. H. suggested walking more to help with my feet swelling but it's a mixed blessing. Yes -- it get my circulation going, but yes, it also mean I'm on my feet and my feet still ache!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I am wiped out.

10 AM -- Endoc appt. Drew blood, went over blood sugars, mostly ok other than the holidays. Do not see him again til April.

11 AM -- lunch with my family, who is driving me to all this stuff

1 PM -- NST appt at the other office 2 blocks from the OB. Baby is fine, moving, everything looks great and thank god they had me in a super comfy recliner chair rather than a gurney.

1:30 PM -- OB visit. Dr. K. gives me a check and the speculum hurts going in. A mix of pregnancy tightness and sex last night making me all sensitive. Ugh. Cervix closed, everything fine. Get papers for HIV test and ultrasound again in 2 weeks. I soooo wish my OB office could do all the lab stuff in one spot. Sigh.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Posted this morning's ultrasounds.

Paul took it off and we went out shopping to various places and to do errands. Already wrote about that.


After talking to Mom B. (my MIL) on Friday, we made plans to go visit Mawmaw in hospital Saturday. We met Angie at Chili's for lunch and to give Mom B. more time to get ready. After we ate and sat around chatting for a while we took my car and met Mom B. at the MICU. Mawmaw is not well -- she quit breathing and thus her heart stopped but they have her on a respirator and she's hanging in there. However we're all convinced that her body is simply starting to shut down. She's been in hospital more than not since Thanksgiving. Paul and I are more worried about his mom -- the strain of it all and then struggling with Mawmaw's living will and trying to decide what to do.

We took turns 2 at a time to go in to see her and when I went in I found Paul kneeling on the floor holding Mawmaw's hand and combing her hair. He kept up a steady stream of pleasant conversation and Mawmaw was responsive enough to squeeze his hand. I talked to her for a bit and then I had to sit down and just be quiet for a while because I didn't want her to hear me cry, if she really could hear and understand us.

We're both happy we went though. I never had the opportunity for last visits with my own grandparents when they were in hospital under similar circumstances so I was glad I got it for my grandmother-in-law. Paul seemed much happier and was pretty jolly on the way home. The sense of closure helping him with his feelings, I suppose. It helps mine. I know if she dies, she'll be buried back in WV next to her spouse and given my due date being so close, neither of us would be able to attend.


Baby shower was at 1 or 2 PM. I couldn't remember but we arrived a little before 1:30 and found Mom B. and Whit circling around trying to find my mom's house. So we beeped and they followed us over. Everyone else was already there including my Miami extended relatives. As soon as I walked in the door camera flashes started going off and I joked I must be famous.

Angie, Donna, and Mom did a fabulous job with the food, decor, games and whatnot. I can't wait to see pictures! The biggest surprise was the cake -- I'd been wondering what they wanted baby pictures for and it turns out they had baby photos of me and Paul screened on to the cake. It looked amazing!

We ate first -- fruit, veggies, pinwheels, nuts, cheese, crackers and other savories for appetizers. Two kinds of salad, turkey, arroz con pollo, pasta for entrees. Various drinks but I stuck to water. I sat at the outsdie patio table with the in-laws for a bit and then after I ate I sat around the picnic benches with my Miami relatives for a while. I noticed my cousin's daughter flirting outrageously with my nephew -- this amused both Paul and me. I don't know if Justin picked up on it or what but I'm sure it was an ego boost.

Eventually all the chairs were put into a circle and we played 4 games. The first was like hot potato where we had to pass this box around that contained some bloomers. When the music stopped, you unwrapped one layer. The person to unwrap the last layer had to put on the bloomers. The kids had a good time with that one. One boy cousin was panicked at the thought of wearing some panties so he fllluuuuung that box every time it came near him. Our nephew ended up with the last layer and the "bloomers" ended up being a flower mini-bouquet on a pin.

The next game was to guess what baby would look like and make baby from Playdoh. Paul and I had to judge the best baby and that person got a movie pass as a prize.

The next game was where Paul and I had to sit back to back and play "Who wants to be a parent?" like "who wants to be a millionaire." We got gifts for each "level."

The last game was the fishing game where you had to fish out plastic toy baby related things (rattles, stroller, pacifiers, etc.) from a punch bowl with a safety pin on a string. I beat Paul with 11 items to his 9, but Greg was the winner with 13. He gave Paul the prize though -- a new tackle box. The kids liked that game too and even after it was over they still kept playing fishing with the bowl.

Then we opened presents with cake and I handed out M&M party favors before everyone left. I did all the thank you cards -- so my mail stash gets bigger and bigger. I really MUST get to the post office this week!


We went for a detailed u/s this morning. My belly is a bit sore form all the pushing down with the wand thing and baby was squirmy all morning before and during the exam so in a minute I'm going to try to get a nap now that she's quiet. I had a rough night and not enough sleep!

All her measures and things are fine and healthy except she measures about 7.5 lbs and that puts her 3 weeks ahead of her age. We got to see things we hadn't seen before like her kidneys, the chambers of her heart, hair on her head, etc.

The u/s tech. went to get Dr. Something and he told us our u/s looked fine other than her weight/size so when we next see our OB to ask if this is going to be a problem, if we need more u/s to keep an eye on her, if we need to talk about inducing at 38 weeks rather than letting her go to 40 wks, etc.

I'm not terrible upset over it and neither is Paul. We'd both prefer letting her come on her own, but if we have to talk about inducing, we'll see. One thing at a time.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Very tired so I'll write more later... but today was our baby shower, I've made a doll quilt, and I have an ultrasound appt. in the morning. Busy, busy!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

We're going to see Mawmaw in hospital today sometime after my SIL calls us to tell us where we're meeting up.

The Presidential Awards have changed formats. I remember when they started the change last summer but it's the first time I've gone to the newer website. I was thinking of doing the simplest one as my first post-partum goal.

OMG! That was just the FedEx guy... the sewing machine is here! At last! :) The trouble is that Paul is still sleeping, and I cannot pick up this box. I'm too pregnant to get it off the foyer floor. I opened it hoping I could read the manual but it's buried in the box and to get it out, you have to empty the box and get all this styrofoam unpacked. Oh, well. At least I can read it on the drive to hospital once Paul fishes it out for me.

Friday, January 02, 2004

So of course, with New Year's, the resolutionists, the ads, the books, the media... it's all back. The whole diet/weight loss season is open again. I can't imagine what my gym must look like. Or rather I can, and I am thrilled not to be there. This stuff doesn't seem to calm down until March or so. By then I'll be post baby and hopefully getting my ok to exercise 6 weeks or so after birth. But I'm thinking a lot about postpartum lately.

Buff Moms-to-Be : The Complete Guide to Fitness for Expectant Mothers was sort of neat -- saw that at Borders this afternoon... it's a relatively new book. I'm glad there's more maternal fitness stuff becoming available -- most of what I'd seen is not so great and the good ones few and far between. I'm not sure what I'll find for post-partum fitness.

I came across an article about States Look to Combat Obesity With Laws. Really the only law I want to see passed is full nutrition info listed for all restaraunt food either at websites or in brochures for any customer who wants to know. Such a pain in the ass trying to find it out sometimes. Grr.

Another article was talking about portion sizes and its impact on obesity. Again -- I just wish there was a law to have nutrition info/exchange info on ALL things. Right now it's just most things. Also would be much more handy for me if things were packaged in diabetic exchange size instead of bottles of drinks having 2+ servings per bottle... but hey, I can measure things out if I have to. Just give me the nutritional info!

But really -- I think it boils down to personal choices. You either care about your health and what you are eating or you don't. No amount of govt. intervention is going to change people's habits. Only people can change people's habits.

Fasting glucose? 85. Breakfast? 100. Go me. I seem to have gotten over the holiday eating with minimal struggle. Now to get through the baby shower food, and then the 2 birthdays we have coming up.

I slept pretty well last night. Baby is squiggling around but not too terribly loud. I woke up with my nose dripping from some kind of allergy annoyance, I'm leaking colustrum like crazy and my tummy itches all over but overall, things could be worse. At least the puffy feeling has gone down some.

Errands today -- some fun, some not so fun: bank, hoa, post office, get a file for Paul, get my desk calendar, office supplies. Probably will eat lunch out at the mall since we'll be in that area.


Lunch? 110. Dinner? 97. And I even got to eat some peanut M&Ms today. Whee.

Errands were tiring and I started having Braxton-Hicks somewhere in Office Depot. So we got through that quickly, pit stop at Borders to get me a Far Side desk calendar, skipped the HOA and post office, and then came home for a nap. I feel better now. It was a HOT day today. I'm going to have to do some laundry so I can wear cooler clothing to the baby shower Sunday.

Holly called to tell me she's sick so she may or may not come. That's ok. Mom called to tell me Karen and Dad are also sickish and not to spend the night Sat. to avoid catching something. She also told me she got M&Ms for bay shower favors, is cooking party food tomorrow, and may get some balloons. Mom's so cute -- she's excited!

I got my baby shower thank you cards so I'll probbaly start addressing them now... then maybe MOnday I can do the post office and get all the things I want mailed MAILED.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

So weekend after this one is the Disney Half Marathon. I have to see when Paul wants to pop in and pick up our packets even though we're not participating. We don't get race fees refunded you see, so I want what boils down to my $70 T-shirt goodie bag! Next year fees are $80, but get this -- registration opens Jan 12th!

I'm already excited! :)

I'm also tired. I got the foyer closet cleaned out, and the living room about 75% of the way there. So the floors can be scrubbed tomorrow. Paul's been doing the bedroom and yellow bathroom all day in spurts. I want to get to the rest of foyer/living room stuff tomorrow and get going on the kitchen again.

After showering last night I put on a new yellow nursing nightgown with blue stars and moons on it because it was on top in the clean laundry pile and I didn't feel like digging around for something else. Paul was startled because I haven't worn a nightgown for YEARS. I normally sleep in a T-shirt and that's about it. I have to admit it did feel pretty strange to be wearing actual sleepwear.

We had a quiet evening watching Fawlty Towers and a Fish Called Wanda. I got to midpoint on a baby afghan I'm doing in green. I'd been doing it in one pattern, got halfway, decided I didn't like it and started over in another pattern. Paul worked on making his dulcimer.

I missed drinking my annual New Year's pitcher of pina colada over the course of the night though.