Wednesday, April 16, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 45 minutes

So yesterday was class. Holly and I were annoyed because even though we got to the pool on time, there was NO parking and we had to keep driving around until some tennis person finally left and we snagged the spot. By that time class had already started and we just jumped in and picked it up at rocking horses. I really hope they go to two classes soon. If not for the crowding, for the parking because a later class means that we won't be bumping into the tennis people and the kiddie lessons people. They seriously need to have more parking space. Claudia offered to do a double class but we didn't stay -- too damn hungry. We'll try to stay Thurs. for that if she does a double class again.

Now for something completely different...

Food log. In the past three weeks, what have I learned?

  • My last thyroid check was perfect, I still have too much testosterone. I'll have to get the real numbers and start writing that down when I have doc. appts. Should also write down times I take meds... I'm positive I missed one or two bedtime ones because I was asleep.
  • I have noticed more cramps and a return of cervical mucus, and possibly a shorter cycle this time around. Plus "high" on my fertility monitor and were hoping for a "peak" soon. Could this be more normal cycles? Go me!
  • I have eaten 49,450 calories. An average of 2354 a day. According to this calorie need calculator, to lose 1 lb a week I'm to eat 2390 calories a day. Go me!
  • I missed logging only one meal of one day -- the day we ate at the mall and I couldn't figure out what hummus and crackers and a turkey hovan was. When on earth will they update that site? But still...Go me!
  • I have taken a prenatal every single day. Go me!
  • I don't know if I'm drinking enough water because I never remember to write that down because it's zero calories so why bother? I have to get over this bad attitude toward water because I need to know how much I'm drinking.
  • I have theoretically lost 8825 calories -- 2.5 lbs. In real life, maybe 1? Am I bloated? Retaining water? Who knows?
  • I have exercised 828 minutes, or 14.8 hours. Which means I'm roughly 30% to my goal of 50 hrs for this next presidential sports award. Go me!
  • I've done 11 miles in 7 walks, 7 water aerobics classes, 5 weight training sessions, and a lot of digging. Maybe this week I'll have some plants to show for the effort. Maybe the insects attacking my bachelor buttons will all die. Hooray! Go me!

So for the most part, a lot of "go me" and only 3 things I need to do something about. Track meds, water logging, and hopefully the water thing will improve the bloat/water retention thing. This is good news.

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