Monday, April 07, 2003

  • What: Lower Body Weights

  • Duration: 53 minutes

  • Average Heart Rate: 120

Watched most of The Craft while doing weights. My quads are a little sore but nothing hamstring-wise. I probably need to change the weights there so it's more of a challenge. It felt easy.

Guess What I found? Non-ugly, rashguards for women in XL or XXL! Yay! Too late for me to buy and wear to water aerobics this winter, but next year I know where to look. All winter long I just could NOT find anything pretty.



Now I have to find a bathing suit to be my back up since I've moved on to the hawaii one. The tie dye one is no longer stretchy -- it's time to retire it. I keep watching ebay for swimsuits but I keep getting outbid. Sigh.

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