Saturday, April 12, 2003

Nrrrgh... I woke up because I remembered I didn't take my levoxyl before bed. So a quickie before I go back to dreamland....

When I was doing weights last night (friday) I felt really tired and sore so after I got through leg presses I decided to skip the rest of the workout. My muscles are sore still form previous workouts. I think tomorrow when we go shopping for Sarah's birthday present I'll pick up some epsom salts and just have a long soak.


I read some reviews for the bally's location I've been reconsidering and they've been bad -- apart from complaints about the cleanliness (nod), the social butterfly annoyances (nod) and the playful and unprofessional staff (nod), there was a sexual harassment complaint. (yikes!). Gross!


I've been having headhaces a lot lately and I'm not sure what it is from: lack of water? Maybe. Lack of food? I don't think so. My hair? This is the one I suspect. I have very thick, black hair and when it's gets too a certain length and weight, putting it into a ponytail is a constant tugging at my head. I need it thinned or trimmed.


Cruising through the Mothers In Motion catalog site was so much fun!

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