Thursday, April 03, 2003

Weigh-In Wednesday:

1. Do you eat for comfort sometimes?
Used to eat for comfort a lot when I was still in school and more stressed out. I was also an angrier person and I'd eat to bottle up a lot of feelings. Now when I have a binge thingie, I know I'm having it and I deliberately do it becaue I want to do it. Most of the time I avoid it but sometimes that urge to eat like a maniac is there and I indulge it not because I feel whacked out but because (strange as it is) it's kind of fun to eat a lot in one sitting and then sit on the couch with Paul and marvel over it. Esp. if we do it together.

The 5 course dinner over candles and fireworks at Arthur 27 sticks out from last summer because we still talk about it. We took 2 hours over it and groaned our way to hotel to lay down and complain that the food was just TOO good and we couldn't go swimming right away and that in future we had to show some restraint and limit it to (tada) 4 course dinners instead.

2. What triggers comfort eating for you?It used to be anger or stress. Now it's the fact that I feel like eating the binge item because I have not bought it in a long time. So I buy it and eat it and pig out and have a good time and then I leave that item alone for a long while. Or it's something like Arthur's -- a dinner date with Paul where we specifically go out to get snockered on good food.

3. What is your usual comfort food?Raisin bread. I just cannot buy that normally on a weekly basis... more like monthly or bimonthly. Cookies, but I just don't buy that at all unless it's one cookie. I refuse to bake them any more. Even for "just for fun" pig outs, I can't control it around cookies. And they pack a whole lot more calories than raisin bread.
I also used to eat a lot of M&Ms but I've gotten over the "plain kid's chocolates" thing and I can't afford to run out and binge on Godiva or specialty chocolates. It's make me seriously ill to boot. If we're talking about fancy dinner binges, Arthur's is tremendous, and Far Pavilion for the Indian is excellent. I'm looking for where we want to go next for our anniversary dinner this August and it's been fun reading food reviews.

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