Friday, April 04, 2003

Mmmm....Amy's cream of tomato soup! The only downer is that there's so much sodium in it but what do you expect from pre-made food? This is the first time I had this soup and as usual Amy's Kitchen stuff doesn't diappoint.

I read in the Lemon Slice that a lot of college campus stores sell Amy's now. God, would I have LOVED that in school! But then at the time we didn't have a union and we sure as heck didn't have a convinience store to shop at. And no name brand food places either. It was just generic food places run by the school with the typical burger/fries deal.

My overzealous and worried mother put me on the most expensive meal plan despite my protests. I'd rather she'd given me the couple grand she put on meal cards and I'd bought the food when I wanted it in cash. But noooo, I was stuck with a card and I hated campus food and since there was no way to buy food you could store, I was forced to eat it or buy endless drinks. So I bought a LOT of Clearly Canadian and soda cans stored it under my bed and I lost a lot of meal points for not using them up on time. Total rip off! My friend Andy was stuck in the same boat but he decided it was best to use his points up so he'd buy all these sandwiches and then drive downtown to give them to the homeless.

My former breakfast hang out was changed to a mini-grocery and another one appeared when the student union was finished long after I quit the dorms and was in my townhouse my last year of school.

I admit I'm stellar at food today but I'm a whole lot better than I used to be. Ugh. I don't even want to think about how many croissants Paul and I ate just because we were tired of cereal and endless scrambled eggs were worse than endless croissants!

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