Friday, January 31, 2003

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1 miles

  • Time: 20 minutes

  • Speed: 3 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 144

  • Steps: 2388

  • Calories Burned: 133

Nrrrgh... I've gone back to the default calibration on sportbrain. It just comes out too strange when I try to do it. It's closer with the default.

Still sniffling and Paul wakes me up at night because he gets annoyed with my snorting and snorking with this clogged nose. But I feel upbeat and the walk wasn't bad. Glad it was short though. My throat is scratchy.

You know how you think about doing something and then for whatever reason you don't? Until one day it makes you absolutely CRAZY so you have to do it right that SECOND? Yeah, you know what I'm saying.

I got tired of having my water on the floor. Especially when I'm sick and my throat makes me want to drink continuously for relief. So I went and got that black plastic tumbler I got at freshman orientation in college years ago off of my desk. I've been using it for a pencil cup for almost 10 years! I took it into the garage, drilled 4 holes in it, threaded 2 cable ties through the holes and then secured it to the bar of my treadmill. Ta-da. Water bottle holder!

They sell water holders for treadmills as accessories and if I was still going to Bally's I would have ordered two Aquahooks instead. But I'm Bally free (yay!) and I wanted it today hence the pencil cup mutilation.

But those hooks are clever aren't they?

Thursday, January 30, 2003

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1 miles

  • Time: 24 minutes

  • Speed: 1.9mph

  • Average Heart Rate: n/a

  • Steps: 3721

  • Calories Burned: 123

Hrm... my physical is way up... is that why I feel so perky despite this cold?

Did a one mile walk at 2.5 mph on the treadmill this morning while watching a movie. I wanted to calibrate my sportbrain. It was weird... because according to the treadmill I was walking at 2.5 mph and according to the recalibrated sportbrain it was 1.9 mph. It suggested doing another walk 1 mile faster or slower than the previous one and calibrate again to fine tune it. Since I'm relying on sportbrain to measure my park walks, I guess that is what I'll be doing later. Because this calibration changes my other walk this week to 6 mph. And there is just no way! I know what 6 mph feels like. And that was not it!

Ok, def. going to bed now. I was just going to stay up long enough to upload some files and then they all got mangled in the upload. Too tired to fix them now. Will have to do it tomorow.
Oh, and there's a new award now. The Presidential Adult Active Lifestyle Award. It's a little different than the Presidential Sports Awards I'm used to. The neat thing was the little online tracker dealie. Why don't they have one for the other awards? It's a miracle I haven't lost my sheet!
I'm an avocado?! That's a new one. I'm used to pears and apples.
I wish I had remembered that we have Delsym before I took the red Sudafed. I thought we had purple Sudafed (multi-symptom cold) but instead we have 2 packs of red (nasal only). And while it helped, I think the Delsym would have been best. Only I've just taken Glucophage, I'm going to bed, and when I get up in the morning it is time for Levoxyl, so no chance to take Delsym until at least 10 AM. Uggggggh.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Having trouble keeping food down. Ate a lot of cereal today. That stayed down. So did an apple. Cookies and stir fry for dinner were so-so. I don't want to drive anywhere so when Paul gets up he is going to get me some ginger ale.
My poor head! This cold is horrible. My head has been pounding for the last two days and my nose is running for it's life. My ear is starting to get clogged too. Ugh! Ugh! I hate winter colds! Just once I'd like to get through the season without getting sick!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I'm not ready to jump into a training schedule for a half marathon. I'm still
waiting for March to roll around so I can sign up for the race!

Right now
I'm just trying to get back into the habit of walking. I've got IditaWalk coming
up so that's a nice incentive that will get me to sign-up day. But I'm still thinking
about the general goal for each walk. suggested this:

  • 1
    fast walk ( try to beat your time from the prior week )
  • 1 walk on a route
    with at least 1 good hill
  • 2 walks at regular pace
  • 1 walk – longer
    than the others – maybe on the weekend or on a good weather day

would that mean to me?

  • 1 fast walk -- Monday at the park
  • 1
    walk on a route with at least 1 good hill: Tuesday at home on the treadmill doing
  • 2 walks at regular pace -- either the park or the treadmill.
    Maybe one of each. Wed. and Thurs.
  • 1 walk – longer than the others --
    Friday at the park 2x the normal route.

I'll talk to Adrith later
and see what her schedules are going to be. I need to read our old training archives
to remember what it is we did the first time around. I felt pretty well prepared
that time.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Reading about racewalking and tips and so on. Found this one I wanted to remember:

To strengthen your shins, ankle, and lower leg:

Toe raises: Stand on a stair facing upstairs with your heels hanging over the edge. Dip the heels down, then raise them high. Repeat 10-20 times.

Foot fun: While sitting around, several times a day, tap your toes quickly for several seconds. Then write the alphabet in the air with your foot. Repeat with the other foot.

Heel walking: As part of your warm-up, walk on your heels for 30 seconds.

  • What: walk in park

  • Distance: 1.9 miles

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Speed: 4. 0 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: n/a

  • Steps: 3721

  • Calories Burned: 219

I stink, my hair is all crazy and my nose is running from both that lingering cold thing and the cold air. But overall I feel pretty good. I had a nice afternoon walk over at the park. I wasn't as prepared as I'd like -- I didn't stretch and I forgot my heart rate monitor. I almost forgot my shades but I remembered just in time. Forgetting the HRM wasn't so bad but not stretching made it a bit annoying because I got calf cramps. It was basically fly out the door, now! Now! Beat the sunset! Now!

The pleasant surprise was that I wasn't trying to walk fast or do anything interesting like fartleks or really do anything more than walk out there, get the walk DONE and come back in day light and sulk about my horrible hair frizz and winter daylight.

But it's looking like my baseline walk is 4 mph on the road. Which is already at the Disney minimum. Whee!

Running is still out of the question though. I've already tried it and while I can get to 5 mph pretty easily, it is MURDER on my knees. For days after experimenting on the treadmill with running my knee joints were twinging and groaning at me.

No walk Sunday. Went to the movies. And I don't think that walking around before the movie window shopping counts. Not when you are busy drinking latte.