Wednesday, April 23, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 60 minutes

It happened again. I was so wiped after class that I went down for a nap and I never got up! I just woke up now because I didn't take my Glucophage. I discovered Mcd's in the fridge -- Paul had gone out to get himself food while I snored away. I ate one of the cheeseburgers and I think in a bit I'll have an apple. I'm just not in the mood for fries. Paul can eat them later if he wants them. He's teasing me because I was so grumpy when he tried to get me up. I didn't tell him that because I got up pastmidnight and ate, now I have to reschedule my cholesterol screen. I thought about just not eating but I'd be nutty if I had to miss dinner AND breakfast before my appointment. I'll just go for my PAP and rash and leave the cholesterol for another visit.

I have my car back so I went to class a bit early and did slow, easy laps for half an hour to relax while waiting for it to start. My left bicep was a bit sore so doing water aerobics today was a bit clonky. I felt uneven on all the strokes.

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