Tuesday, April 08, 2003

  • What: abs/yoga stretch (dvd)

  • Duration: 30? minutes

  • Average Heart Rate: n/a

Hooray! Maybe getting outbid for $32 was a good thing because I just picked up a new Speedo for $15. Hee hee! :) There, my bathing suit problem is solved for a little while. At least until the hawaii print one falls apart.

Today is water aerobics and since I never think the ab work we do there is very challenging, I threw on Karen Voight's Sleek Physique and did the abs/yoga stretch workout. Even though I did the whole workout I had distractions and I turned my HRM watch off somehow so I didn't get to see what my average heart rate was. First it was Gala walking the floor. It was quite alarming to turn while doing a stretch and come eye-to-eye with an iguana coming around the futon. He'd just eaten in the ktichen and was heading back to his basking spot when we encountered each other. He kind of hung around watching the TV but then I had to scoot him away off my yoga mat.

(The pets don't watch as much TV as they used to... I used to let them watch Nick Jr. at our first apartment. They like the colors on the cartoons. Lucy really got into Rugrats.)

A little bit after getting back into my stretch the phone rang and I had to stop and get it. It was Paul telling me he forgot to bring the keys to get into our friend Neil's house since we're pet sitting this week. I don't have my car so I couldn't take it to him and he'd already used up his lunch break so he's just going to have to get the keys here at home and then go back after work.

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