Wednesday, April 16, 2003

One more thing I forgot to add... Paul said to e-mail him my file and he'd print my latest mix cover at work on the color laser. Yay! :) He says I secretly like it but I maintain that I hate making music mixes and I only do it because even I get sick of listening to the same thing all the time. But I'll go for quite a long time before I do it. Just to avoid it. But once it's done and I have that new mix in my hand I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. I was hoping he'd take the hint and start making mixes for me but he's either on to my ulterior motives or he's being particularly dense. I can't tell.

Anyway, I learned something new so this was the first mix I made according to BPM rather than mood:

108 BPM = 3.0 MPH

114 BPM = 3.2 MPH

120 BPM = 3.4 MPH

124 BPM = 3.6 MPH

126 BPM = 3.7 MPH

130 BPM = 3.8 MPH

134 BPM = 4.0 MPH

136 BPM = 4.1 MPH

I new what BPMs were but I never knew what the BPM for certain speeds were and now that I've figured it out I feel so scientific. Whee!

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