Friday, April 25, 2003

One month ago, Dr. H. told me at my check-up that my thyroid values were perfect. That was a first. There'd been some fiddling around with my Levoxyl dose before that. So I was cheered up by this news. Four weeks later, I'm 4 pounds lighter. Ha! Yes! My metabolism is now cooperating with me and my expectations from my food logging are now accurate. Ha! Ha! Ha! On the PCOS front, still no regular periods, but interesting "I might be ovulating" kind of symptoms that weren't there before. We'll see.

While falling asleep last night I was reading The Complete Book of Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit by Fitness Magazine and Karen Andes. I've picked up many others over the years but that one is always going to be a favorite. Nice reference book, and I've yet to find one I like better. I was checking to see if there is a new edition, but no luck.

What else to eat with yogurt... hrm... fiddling around with to see if I like it better than or not. So far, I think it's prettier but dude, it takes forever... That's the one thing with online food logs that drives me apeshit. Dealing with slow server times. Poo.

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