Thursday, April 24, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 60 minutes

I am beat. And I feel soooo good!

I got to class a bit early and started doing laps. I usually go down in some kind of forward stroke and back in some kind of backstroke. Today? A breast stroke took over my warm-up. I don't know why. Every stroke of the water felt like cutting through butter -- smooth, velvet, fluid, peaceful. Everything workign together like it was supposed to be working. I picked up the pace a bit and got really into it. I was almost sorry to see water aerobics start because I didn't want to stop. Holly suggested that we start weekend laps again now that the weather is warm enough in the morning not to be horrid and I enthusiastically agreed.

Claudia must have been pumped today because she worked us super hard and super fast. No pauses in between blocks -- it was just go, go, go from one thing to the next. I was wondering if it was me or what and I looked at Holly as if saying "Is it me or is this hard today?" and she looked at me and nodded and grunted while Claudia was screaming counts at us making us rocking horse and pendulum ourselves silly. Up and down the pool -- jacks, frogs, leapfrogs, twists, tucks, assoreted kicks in all directions, bicycles, running, swimming, intervals one way, intervals the other way. Did it stop there? Oh, no. Bicep curls, tricep dips, lat raises, chest presses, wrist curls, leg presses singles, leg presses doubles, stretching this way, stretching that way... my mind gets dizzy thinking about it.

But a good workout. Oh, yes!

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