Thursday, April 03, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics

  • Duration: 60 minutes

Back from class. I was really glad when I saw Vince start talking to Claudia about adding another class to the schedule because our class is too darn crowded. First there was a mom in the class who let her kid paddle around the the class space. That was annoying because the little girl got in my way. It's fine if her kid is there but hasn't the mom got the sense to keep her out of the class space? Why couldn't she paddle around in the kiddie side? Then there was an older couple taking the class together and he looked like he was getting over stroke or something. Plus they were new. So I felt bad when I kicked him accidentally doing rocking horses sideways. I had no idea he was behind me and I was trying not to hit the kid in front of me. When we have two classes like last summer, we can spread out more and not bash into one another and Claudia can do more complex moves. I like that our class welcome everyone of any ability and Claudia gives alternate instructions for people who need to take it easier but I really, really miss having the 2 sessions and it's about time they brought back the 2nd class time slot. We need it!

My legs are sore from lower body weights and after all the leg work Claudia made us do today they are doubly sore. When I got home I stepped wrong just as I walked into the house and almost sprained my ankle -- that's how unsteady I felt on my feet. Fortunately I didn't really sprain it -- just twisted it so it feels tender. So I'm not going to fight with my sneaks tonight and try to walk. No freakin' way. I just want to play computer games and veg out with Paul.

He was so cute and sympathetic. I was yelling because I fell and then yelling as I stumbled down the hall to find him because my foot hurt when I took a step. He said I woke him up with all my hollering and told me to get into bed with him despite the wet bathing suit and drippy clothes. Then he started kissing my ears and licking them until I forgot about my ankles. Mmmm... I love it when he feels cuddly.

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