Friday, October 31, 2003

Took my car in to be checked out because sometimes when you start it up you smell gas. I hope it's nothing major or bizarre. Paul followed me there and dropped me off at home before heading for work.

I asked him if he was going to be home early since it is Halloween and he said he'd try. I'm not sure if we're going to be mobbed this year or not. Some years we are and some years we aren't -- it depends what other local activities there are. The craziest year was the year we has 100+ children cruise through here and we had to leave the house when we ran out of treats because the doorbell was making us NUTS.

So far I've eaten 2 "fun size" things of M&Ms. So far so good on not having a candy binge.

Baby is still thumping around energetically at all hours but refuses to show off for Paul... it's uncanny. I'm a bit disappointed he's only gotten to catch a feel once when I'm constantly getting baby bopping and riotous rolling about.

I'm feeling more energetic so hopefully that mean my cold is going away.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's not quite the way I want it to look like nor how I want it to navigate but it's back up and mostly readable. Yay.

26 weeks. I'm closing in on 7 mos so lately in my head I've been changing from "Cletus-the-fetus" to just plain "Baby." When we get the u/s and hopefully learn gender we can start using the real name it is going to be but I'm getting more excited. To me babies aren't "real" until they are viable outside the womb on their own -- that's somewhere around 7 mos. So on Paul's birthday we'll be celebrating a lot of things.

My stomach is getting a lot more stretch marks and my bellybutton is shallower. I keep wondering if that's where it will stop or if it will pop out or not?

Mom told me she bought the baby a potty and a bath tub. I thanked her but I keep reminding her they've already helped so much they really don't NEED to keep getting us baby things but I think she's grandma obsessing.

Baby is clunking around -- must have liked the waffles this morning.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Got the doula paperwork -- Paul has to read it with me and give me his feedback but it is mostly all done except for our signatures and the last question.

"Please list any other information you would like us to know about you. Include any questions, comments, or concerns that you have about your upcoming experience or our services."

Talk about a broad question! I think I might need the weekend to mull it over.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Just hung up the phone with the doula coordinator at the hospital. She's sending me a packet of info with this questionnaire thing we'll have to fill out and then she'll match us with 2-3 potential doulas and then we'll go from there.

I also spoke to the class coordinator but she wants me to call her back again on the 3rd because they still do not have the class schedule for weekend classes. I'm a bit annoyed since this was when she told me to call her back the last time I called last month.

Had some stomach pain this morning -- not sure what from. digestive or maybe I think it's digestive and it's sharper Braxton Hicks? Baby is busy punching me and I'm still sickie and slightly grumpy so I kind want to punch back! Sigh.

Monday, October 27, 2003

We saw my parents yesterday for a short visit. Both were startled at how I looked since the last time they saw me. Mom told me I looked like I was carrying high and to start walking more to help get him down but then since it was a first pregnancy she wasn't surprised. Dad wanted to know if my pants weren't too tight -- he didn't realize I was wearing maternity jeans with a full panel. I happen to like that pair quite a bit because other than the panel being poochy, it's a slim cut through the legs. Mom hemmed my other pants (khaki) while we all chatted -- we're going to the movies with them next weekend.

Paul is nesting more than me! He went beserk when we got home and cleaned the office floor and closets and got 4 bags for trash and 3 bags for goodwill ready.

I feel kind of gross today -- sore throat, still sneezing a lot. Cletus-the-fetus is rolling around doing things but I just feel sickie.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

My stomach STILL itches from that wool sweater but I slept very well and woke up to a quiet baby. Cletus just started kicking around now and it still amazes me how much more comfy his new position is than last week's was for me. I really, really hope he stays that way for a while before rolling around somewhere else. I think I felt his head... not sure though.

Reader Leigh-Anne asks about the pregnancy newsletters I get. I keep up with two of them. One is from and the other is from And congrats on the positive test! :)

Tried getting a hold of my parents to see if they will be in this afternoon. Paul cut Dad's wood for his table project and we want to take it over to him. I also want to see mom about the zipper for the baby hoodie I made. They aren't in so I don't know if they went to work or just out.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Just got back. Wonderful Japanese dinner! Mmmmm! Shopped all day and did manage to get this skirt at Old Navy. Fit very well. I tried on a sweater there and got all crazy itchy so that was annoying. I had thought it was acrylic but it was a wool+acrylic blend and I'm allergic so that explained the crazy itch. Ugh. I found a silk sweater at Dillard's instead so I'm set for the wedding except for pantyhose and that can wait til later.
Cletus has moved and I feel much more comfortable. All the kicking and stuff was happening on my left side. Now it's happening in the center. Today I am off shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding... Paul said he'd work on the server while I'm gone. When it died last night he said most of the files should be fine but he needs to remember to start backing things up and I just about croaked right there.

The craft blog stuff I've been redoing is not a big deal if I had to re-do from scratch. That was less than 20 entries. But the 5 years of journal archives?! Ack!

Friday, October 24, 2003

Woke up this morning with baby kicking me but feeling rested. I think I am getting a cold though -- I keep sneezing all the time. At first I thought it was just the Wed. sneezes from the landscapers but it's Fri. and I'm still going. Plus last night I felt really hot. I had this pain in my upper middle stomach -- right below the center of my rib cage. Also had a pain in my groin and my side. Not sure what that's all about but I'm not surprised either -- this kid has been rolling around and kicking for yonks now and I'm feeling sore all over.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Lab nurse called from the OB's to tell me the A1C from yesterday came back normal. Yay.
25 weeks. 17 lbs gained. From my pregnancy newsletter:

You may experience an increased level of discomfort
starting soon. Gas pain, feelings of bloating, water
retention (edema) and an overall difficulty getting
comfortable are very common complaints.

Gee, tell me something I don't know. I'm having a really hard time rolling over or getting out of bed in the morning. I'm starting to feel like I can't breathe deeply enough either.

Susie Hamster had her litter. There's at least 4 of them, but possibly more. I can't quite see because she's feeding them all. I'm a bit jealous -- she only had to gestate for 3 weeks! The prospect of another 15-16 weeks for me makes me soooo tired.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Off day again today. Maybe that means tomorrow will be better? I just feel blah and when Paul got home from work and saw me, he informed me I was leaking all over my shirt again. Baby is either rolling around or SOMETHING. It jsut feels very busy in there.

Susie the Hamster is very pregnant and her nipples are all very obvious. She's now hopping all around her tank trying to climb the walls. She was chewing on all the cage toys, running frantically in the hamster wheel, or digging in the hamster litter from one end to the other. Boy Hamster is hiding from her because any time he gets in her way she hits him or threatens to bite him.

I feel a lot like she does today. Sigh.

Other than my boob itching like crazy, this morning's OB appt. went fine. He wanted to repeat the A1C test because the last one was slightly elevated but I forgot to ask if breakfast matters? Because if it does, this one will be slightly elevated too -- I had waffles with syrup right before heaidng to the doc.

He started measuring fundal height today and told me I've "blossomed" and will need to keep an eye on my weight. I'm going to have to get more regular walking in.

Heartbeat was strong and we also got to hear some kicking with the Doppler -- this was amusing.

Next month is a sonogram and the start of appts. every 2 weeks instead of every 4. I'm excited! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Wow! Amazing what a good night's sleep and then a good afternoon nap does! I feel a LOT better! Baby is still punching me but I don't mind it nearly as much when I feel rested.
Just got off the phone with Mom... we talked for more than an hour over nothing really. Travel, my aunt, a produce conference and the exhibits my parents saw while working that show, fetal movement, what that powder is to make fruit salad not turn brown instead of using lemon juice, Dad's new suit, renting movies, yakkityyakkity. It was fun. I haven't seen mom since my birthday so it's been almost a month this week. We're trying to figure out what days she's got off so she can help me sew a zipper into a hoodie sweater I made.
Got some decent sleep last night so I feel better.

We had a quiet evening watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Paul got new strings and restrung/tuned his sitar during the movie while I made some little booties from scrap yarn. They turned out ok so I'm probably going to save that pattern. I'd tried it before and it wouldn't come out right but for some reason last night it didn't give me a problem. Maybe it was just that the yarn was easier to see?

Cletus-the-Fetus had me pretty tired so we ordered pizza. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and in a bit I'm going to hit the grocery store and stock up for this week. Paul helped me with the trash and then gave the kitchen floor a quick scrub. We took a shower and then I went to lay down and read before going to sleep while he finished up with the sitar strings. He really likes his new rosin too.

While I was reading Cletus started back up again with the mega kicks so I got Paul to come over and try to feel them and he actually caught two good ones. So at last he got to feel the baby move! We were both happy about that and I laughed at him when he told me it felt really weird to feel something bopping around in me. I told him to think about how that feels non-stop ALL DAY LONG.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Rough day. I feel queasy and want to just hurl and get it over with! Cletus-the-fetus is big enough to be felt from the outsides now and it's been making me nuts all day -- banging and thumping and just ugh. I hope tomorrow is better...

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Loong day today and we didn't even do anything. My womb feels heavier and heavier and all I think about is escaping my body and going somewhere else. All my female relatives who've been pregnant before look at me knowingly and say "Just wait til later! It gets worse!" I don't want to wait til later. I don't want it to get worse. I want to escape NOW. Uggggghhhh.
No dice... slept awkwardly as usual and woke up to Cletus-the-fetus beating on me as usual. Here I thought the exciting day yesterday would have worn him out but nooooo... I feel fine though. No aches or pains other than my feet being a little tired still.

Got results from the endoc. and my thyroid is still fine so no changes in meds yet.

I'm moving the craft blog to a different URL so I've taken it down for now...

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Just got home. Spent the day with Paul's family at Magic Kingdom. Both my SIL's told me I was showing a lot and patted my stomach "hello" when they saw me. My BIL joked Paul ought take me theme parking in another 2 months when I'm REALLY out there and see what happens.

I'd brought food from home in case theme park food disagreed with me but it was ok. Better to have it in a locker and not need it than need alternatives and not have them. What I did need and I forgot was Body Glide. By the end of the day my feet and legs could have used some of that after so much waddling around. At 6 mos. along it's not too bad but I don't think I could do a park much past that! Paul told me he should have listened and worn sneakers rather than sandals or at least used Body Glide with the sandals. His feet hurt too.

Cletus-the-fetus was active at times and quiet at times -- I'm sure the day sounded interesting in there. All this music and crowds and later fireworks... maybe he'll have been sooo stimulated all day with new noises that he'll sleep through the night without beating me up!

Big Thunder Mountain was closed, Splash Mountain I sat out, and nobody wanted to do Space Mountain or Goofy's Barnstormer and those were the only 4 rides that AllEars suggested pregnant people stay off of. There was a dip in Pirates of the Carribean but really not much of one and I don't get motion sick very easily so the spinny rides didn't bother me at all. Since the kids were 3 and 5 we did mostly the kiddie stuff for them -- Snow White, Peter Pan, Small World, Buzz Light Year, Character Meetings, Carousel of Progress, etc. All mostly slow, steady rides that were mostly well lit and not too scary looking. The worst of the bunch was probably Snow White for scariness. They both got a bit anxious over the witch. My youngest niece slept right through Pirates and they didn't seem to bother her older sister. We got to see the new Mickey's Philharmagic (sp?) 3D movie thing and it was very cute. The nieces had a great time trying to touch the 3D objects flying out of the screen towards us.

We stayed a little bit later than they did because I really wanted to do the Haunted Mansion and the Liberty Belle boat ride since we didn't get to do those with the kids along. So after walking them to the entrance and giving them some Halloween goodies from the locker for the kids we went up to take the train back to Frontier Land. I don't know if it was just having eaten dinner or if it was the Pony Express but when we were getting off the train Paul told me I was clutching my stomach with a weird smiley look on my face and I told him Cletus was kicking really hard and it felt strange to have that happen while I was walking. It was a first -- usually when he kicks that hard I'm sitting or laying still. It felt kind of weird while walking. It's hard to describe... but it was odd. My telling my body to be walking and then some other thing in my body doing something else of its own volition...

We got Fast Passes for the Haunted Mansion and took a ride on the Liberty Belle. Back to use the passes and then we got ice cream on the way out. We saw the fireworks from the ferry station. If we'd gotten more sleep last night we would have stuck out the last 2 hours and done some of the other things we wanted to do sans kids but that's ok. It will be there for some other time.

It's the first time either one of us has been with a family group in a long time and it was a nice change. Although I have to agree with Paul -- I secretly like our slow-pokey, meandering pace as a couple more. When you are herding a larger group you do tend to get a little more business-like about how you approach the rides and what you do and what you skip. Esp. with young children. There's more of a plan. When it's just one or two -- you kind of play it more by ear and wander all over with no rhyme or reason.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Slept a LOT today. And I'll probably go to bed early tonight. I want to be well rested for tomorrow when we go hang out with the family. When we got together for birthdays 2 weeks ago I was pooped out by the end of the day.

I told Paul I was going to start calling baby "Frosty" instead of "Cletus-the-fetus" because all day or night it is just thumpity-thump-thump-thumpity-thump! Today all this kicking kind of hurts my left side -- I keep rubbing it hoping he'll chill out.

I keep grunting and making noises when I get about like "Nrrrgh!" or "Ooof!" and Paul keeps running over to look at me to see if I'm ok. I'm fine -- just struggling to do things while feeling like a hippo. I can't reach my feet any more. This is both amusing and alarming to me.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

24 weeks. Last night I started leaking colostrum so badly it was making me CRAZY.

Paul laughed at me trying to roll over in bed -- it's def. a struggle for me now. Theoretically this baby is creeping in on 2 lbs. So no wonder I feel heavy and cumbersome.

Dad asked me when he called yesterday how I was feeling and I told him other than queasy I was fine and then he wanted to know if I was SURE it wan't twins. No twins in the ultrasounds but I think he's still wondering since twins happen in my family and I keep struggling so much with queasiness and movement. I think I just have a very active singleton. But next week is the OB and then the next appt. after that we learn gender. I am getting sooooo excited to find out what we're having!

It surprised me when Dad suddenly said to try to avoid being induced if I could. Unless there's a problem or unless baby is soooo overdue I wasn't planning on inducing and I told him that. I think he's starting to worry about my giving birth. It's sort of cute. Poor Dad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The bad? I feel really queasy and nothing sounds good to eat.

The so-so? Diseny Half Marathon packets came. I can't race pregnant so I felt a little down about not being able to participate this year but we'll go get our goodie bags in Jan. and watch so that will be fun too.

The good? Was playing with Cletus-the-fetus again and devised a new game. Previous games were "hide and seek" with the stethoscope to see if I could find his pulse and "make him kick" by letting Paul make noises in his general direction. The new game is "kick the bells." I have a key chain with two jingle bells on it that are perfectly round. I came across it while I was in the bathroom looking for a ponytail so more out of curiosity than anything else, I took them up and went to lay down.

I was laying there with my shirt hiked up and these bells on my stomach when Paul walks in and wants to know what I'm doing. I told him I was waiting to see if Cletus can kick strongly enough to make the bells chime yet or not. Turns out he can't make them chime, but he can make them quiver. It was really neat to watch these balls rolling on my stomach every so often. Particularly nice for Paul, since he can't yet feel the movements because Cletus turns shy around him for some reason.

I know. Goofy fetal games.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Had to go get a "new baby" card for my new nephew and I noticed it again while shopping. Waddle, waddle, waddle. I keep wanting to walk faster than Cletus will allow! He's so big and punchy!

First it was the purple shirt, now my NF shirts don't fit quite right -- pot belly is sticking out there. So I need to pick up some T's sometime soon. I just don't like that stretchy shirt feeling -- prefer things loose. I didn't like any of the ones I saw while out so I'll have to add it to my shopping list when Holly and I get together to shop for a maternity dress I can wear to a wedding we're invited to.

When I got home my SIL called to tell me about nephew's birth defect but my MIL had already called last night. SIL said she was glad. Apparantly MIL was worrying that the news might upset me because I'm pregnant even though SIL kept telling her I'm very sensible and don't get riled easily. Turns out nephew was born with some middle fingers on one hand that are not normal length. Everything else seems fine.

Now nobody wants anything wrong with their baby, but if a baby has to be born with something wrong, I much prefer some small physical thing like this to something more major like a heart or brain problem or blindness or deafness or something. It would be different if he had no hands at all... and it's not like he's missing fingers -- he's got them... just that 2 are sort of short or stubbier than normal.

My uncle and his mother both lost several fingers to accidents and they do fine. It's a manageable situation. You can't even tell they're missing digits until you look closely -- they're that fast!

Both MIL and SIL told me that other SIL and BIL (they are grandparents to this nephew) are still kind of upset and getting over the shock. Nobody has mentioned how the young parents themselves are taking it. I kind of think Paul should call his family and see how they are doing tonight.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Funky, moody, queasy, sleepy... yep. Another pregnant day goes by.

1400 calories down, 900 to go between here and bedtime. I'll settle for 600 to get me to 2000 for the day. I don't think I can manage 900.

I'm having this craving for milkshake and it's all because the last time I saw Nancy she was talking about making Dave go get her milkshakes at Steak 'n' Shake when she was pregnant. I've got it on the brain now.

Paul asked me if I was going to go make him get me a milkshake and I said he could either take me to Baskin Robbins or hit the grocery and then make me one in the kitchen. Ben and Jerry's is too far away. BR is closer.

And he should be glad it's only been in the last 3 weeks that I've had cravings for things. Up til now I've been too queasy. I'm still queasy, but now I just have food urges.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Up and down weekend...

Iggy, my SIL's pet iguana that we've been caring for, died in her sleep so we had to tell Angie and ask her what she wanted us to do -- bring her body to her or bury her here. She said to bury her here since she lived with us for a bit and had other reptile friends here. So today Paul had to bury her in the yard. She died of old age and led a content, well-loved ife so it wasn't unexpected and was a happy passing. We all have Iggy stories and we'll miss her. Companion animals always are.

Then we heard that today our great-nephew was born and arrived weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz, and was 17.25" long. He's so pink in his pictures!

Measured my waist and I'm 2 inches wider than the last time I checked so these stretch marks I'm getting have been confirmed. As if my struggling in and out of my car today wasn't the courtesy clue phone ringing loudly enough. Paul noticed my waddling in the Target parking lot and told me to warn him when it's time to start dropping me off in front of places before he parks the car. I wore my new maternity jeans today and I'm glad I got them in my current size and in one size up. Who knows how big this pot belly is going to get?!

Got up early because I got hungry... then spent 1.5 CDs cleanign the kitchen. (I clean to music). My leg started acting up so I had to quit and put some Tiger Balm on it. Paul said if I got the kitchen floor cleared away he'd mop, strip and rewax it for me so I jumped at the chance to not have to do that myself.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

I'm starting to feel better emotionally -- less prone to weeping and more upbeat in general. I hope that's a phase that doesn't cycle around again!

I think maybe Cletus-the-fetus is repsonding to sound. Continued to be very active while I was watching a movie last night and then Paul finished up his drum pad made out of a tupperware container and started playing with the baby. He was pounding away on it in different synth voices when I complained he needed to quit because his thumping made Cletus thump and that made me tired. So of course he didn't stop and it was this big experiment to see what noises Cletus "liked" best -- including a short stint on the 12-string. Then I got a belly rub -- so I guess the musical torture was worth it!

I got up this morning because I heard the kid from the corner start up with his skateboard and I felt Cletus stirring when I was muttering, "Go home kid! Skate in front of your own house!" to myself. Now that the kid is gone and there's no noise other than the keyboard clacking, Cletus quit punching. I'm going to try to see today if he gets more active when there are noises about.

PS: Put Nora Jones on the CD player and there goes baby... thumpthumpthump! This is kind of fun!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Orange-pineapple juice = heart burn. Sigh.
I think Cletus-the-fetus has discovered the joys of water aerobics. Because that's all I've been feeling since 10 AM this morning -- swish, kick, punch, swish, kick, punch.

The OB hasn't asked me to start keeping any kind of movement log but I doubt this baby is going to be a problem there -- it just doesn't STOP! Powpowpow!
Noticed little purple marks -- the start of stretch marks -- on my belly after bath today. Baby is kickingup a storm lately -- having trouble sleeping with all that going on. Foods I can't eat while pregnant? Watermelon or melon of any kind (farts) and chocolate chip cookies (heartburn). I keep wondering what new thing I'll discover tomorrow?

I am struggling with some PCOS/TTC related thoughts lately but don't want to go into any detail until i get it sorted out in my head. Basically I know it's frustrating to get diagnosed with PCOS, I know it's frustrating to TTC with PCOS. But it really bothers me to read of patients on forums who don't give each step of the way much time before wanting to jump on to more invasive procedures. But then on the flip side -- how do you decide how much time is enough time before moving on? There's no one answer but it is interesting to think about.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

23 weeks. Woke up with a bad headache, cramps, and allergies gone beserk thanks to the landscapers yesterday. E-mail tells me:

"Your baby weighs about 1 lb. 6oz and is about 11.5 inches
from head to toe. Your baby's nostrils are open and the
movements that are practice for breathing outside the womb
have begun. The lungs are secreting surfactant, the
substance that keeps the moist, interior surface of the
lungs from sticking to itself. your baby's visual and
auditory systems are watching for light and listening to
your heart beating and your stomach growling."

Feel like this baby is getting huuuuuuge.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Went to the post office and the grocery store and then went down for a 4 hour nap. I can't believe it! Def. have to talk about this tiredness to my OB.
I'm having a really hard time staying up past 9 PM lately. Usually we stay up til midnight so we can spend some time together but i just can't keep my eyes open. I miss playing with Paul. I felt kind of bad that yesterday he'd bought us the whole Monkees collection on DVD and we were going to start watching the episodes but I conked out.

Feel queasy and that bellybutton ache is back. Baby is moving around and I feel drained. How is this possible? I've just had ten hours of sleep!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Down 2 lbs -- whiel I'm not surprised given the nausea and blahness of the last week or two, I'm going to be worried if it doesn't come back on before my next Ob visit. I feel soooooo tired lately too.

Dentist told me all things considered, I don't have a lot of plaque and my gums are not swollen -- two things he would have expected more of since I'm now pregnant. I did beg off the floss part though from the dental hygienist. After the dentist scraping plaque off and then Sandra doing the polish I don't think my sensitive gums could take a floss as well. I promised to do it when I got home.

Got 2 pairs of maternity jeans and a pair of capri length workout pants for under $20 on the way homr at Ross. Go me!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Neck rash (eczema) itches.

Feel weepy and emotional.


Tried Boca Ravioli and don't like it.

NOT one of my better days.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Well, there go my feet.

Had my first bout of foot swelling today and I spent a lot of time with them propped up so they'd feel better. Drinking lots of water. Tomorrow I think I'll ice them for a while too because running the cold water over them isn't quite enough for me. They feel sweaty and hot. If we're going to Epcot with the families, it better happen this month. I won't be able to deal with it later!

I have a feeling I'm going to break out the socks and Birkenstocks for winter. Trouble is, the last time I wore birks was almost 10 years ago so I have to go to the factory outlet some time and check out what new colors/styles they've got. I was liking my sneaks for the support but now with this hot feet thing and my black sandals ruined in the street flood, I have to look at new shoes. WIDE shoes.

Added the foot thing to the list for my next OB appt. Edema -- hooray. :P

On a happier note, I finally update the home page with the ultrasound photo at the bottom and added a belly page.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Mom called to see how I was doing and asked if I'd heard from my sister. She seems to think Karen is down or something because when she last called her she sounded "moody."

Me? I'm moody today too. 22 weeks along. Weird little aches all over and my right breast is turning this brownish color in patches so I have to ask my OB if this is part of that "pregnancy mask" business.

Add the weepies where I start crying for no reason at any given moment... ugh. I prefer the happy days to the weird ones.

My hair, face, chest -- all oily and acne prone. Ugh. Pregnancy hormones make me feel beserk sometimes.Bit of a headache this morning but the stomach thing from last night seems to have settled down. What IS that baby doing in there?!

Holly called last night and we made plans to get together on Sunday. Haven't seen each other in weeks because of one thing or another so it should be fun to catch up. We're going to try a new Japanese restaurant or go to dim sum -- one of the two.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Lab appt. was fast -- in and out really. Still cleaning the craft supplies/closet and before Sat. I have to get to the photography stuff because I told my BIL he could borrow stuff while he's taking his photo class. I'm pleased with how things are coming along with the yarns but I drrrreeeead sorting my portfolios.

Just now my stomach has started to hurt. I can feel baby rolling around in there and s/he must be doing something to aggravate me or s/he's hitting me really hard because I just want to go back to laying down. My MIL just called about getting together over the weekend and it got me up. Potty break and then I'm going back down and nobody else better call!

Labs at the endoc. today. Poo. :P

More crochet?
Basic crochet Instructions
and then
Crochet Tutorials

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Reader Zay asks me if I know a good book for a crochet newbie. Coincidentally enough, I just put up a another blog called Fuzzycraft over there on the side. Apart from wanting a craft blog I'm experimenting with different locations to revive the old Cat/astrophe/PinkPig stuff once baby is born but I know I'll be short on time and won't be fiddling with HTML coding the longer way.

Anyways... I realized today I have 127 days left. Which breaks down nicely to an average of 1 block every two days for the 63 Block afghan leaflet. I thought it would be fun to race the baby and see who gets here first -- Cletus-the-fetus or the afghan.

The full name of the leaflet is called "63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stiches to Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan" designed by Darla Sims and published by Leisure Arts. It's typically found at almost any Wal-mart unless they are out of stock. You can get it online as well from several companies.

I've taught several people, including hubby, how to crochet with it as a reference so when people ask me for a newbie guide, I always say that one. It's got some of the clearest illustrations I've seen in the basic stitch guide and you are not really obligated to do all the squares. Just do the ones you like and make the blanket from just 4 squares to all 63.

I'm off to go do errands and get yarn. It's either going to be the same red-grey-white as the Fair Isle afghan I'm working on concurrently or some other color with grey.