Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Weigh In Wedesday: Do you belong to any other groups/forums/clubs [aside from WiW] that help you on your way?

Heavens, yes. Because I have this need to read about people pursuing fitness daily and if I just subscribed to one group, I wouldn't be sure of getting my daily dose. I tend to be a lurker more than a participator right now though. I go through phases. The phase I'm going through right now is called, "Let's go, people! Write about your workouts! Where are you?" as I frantically read for "workout" updates. I like reading "workout" updates more than I like reading "dieting" updates. Of course, I also like reading "trying to conceive" updates. Esp. TTC with PCOS because that's what we're doing. Here's some I don't link to on the sidebar:

Progress Prompts: Have you ever experienced discrimination for being the size you are? Describe what happened.


I'm glad Patty found some use for my old "Topics Dujour" for Progress Prompts. And I'm honored she wanted to link to me to give me the credit for writing them. But it's always a strange feeling to be answering your own questions isn't it?

Size discrimination. I've had it on both ends, mainly from my family. I remember being fussed at as a child for being a scrawny, skinny little thing and then later for being fat. (more later)

From other people? I've been lucky. Apart from elementary school BS where I was teased for fatness, glasses, being smart, and bad coordination in PE, I've led a fairly peaceful life.

The kids grew up and got over themselves. I grew up and got past the chubby stage of childhood. I was a lean 145 lbs on a 5'8" body. It wasn't until 2nd year of college that I started tacking on more pounds, and not til 3rd year that it edged out from overweight into the land of obese. By that point I was doing the doctor parade trying to figure what was going on with the weight problem, the fatigue problem, the fugue states, the anxiety, the irregular cycles. (Side note: thank goodness for meds! I feel much saner, thank you!)

By that point Paul and I were well into living in sin and subsequently, marriage. So I don't have fat dating stories because I wasn't when we were dating. I don't even have fat married stories after getting fat because Paul never bothers me about my weight. My in-laws don't bother me either.

So I only have fat family stories -- but due to my temper, very few. My mother is quick to notice changes and admires/encourages if I let her but I really don't like her to do that. She used to make me crazy insisting I was fat in high school when I wasn't and until my doctor told her to leave me alone and that I was perfectly healthy, she wouldn't keep still. But I give her the credit for leaving me alone after that. Dad is the one who can drive me up walls commenting on my weight but if he starts that up I comment on his baldness and growing senility and he doesn't much like that. I also have been known to just say nothing and get back in my car and go home. I think he was shocked the first time I went to visit and kissed him hello and then turned right back around and left without a word because he started in on me. Mom called me up when I got home to ask me what happened and I told her quite calmly that I wasn't mad or upset, and I was fine. I just wasn't going to hang out at their house and be rude to when there were more fun things to be doing at my house. No brainer.

I guess either for good or for bad, I don't want my body to become public property. It's mine, and it's just not up for general discussion. It's solely for me and what I feel like doing with it. So no, never experienced any kind of discrimination for my body that I didn't or couldn't nip in the bud. Now for my age or gender....hoo boy. That's another story.

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