Friday, February 28, 2003

Yesterday I got my treadmill l manual in the mail. Yay!

I still dislike it though -- whoever wrote it wasn't especially sane. For progamming my own stuff, they'd go something like -- "refer to page X do this, now refer to page Y, now finish it up on page Z." Even if it is repetitious, I'd rather have all the directions on one page. But then again, my Polar's book does the same thing. Maybe they think it saves pages. Whatever.

So my walks today were chopped up into segments because I was experimenting with settings. There was a plain walk...

  • What: treadmill walk

  • Distance: 1.1 miles

  • Time: 23 minutes

  • Average Speed: 3.0 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 133

  • Steps: 2249

  • Calories Burned: 123

There was a speed interval walk where I range from 3.0 - 4.0 mph

  • What: treadmill walk

  • Distance: 1.1 miles

  • Time: 22 minutes

  • Average Speed: 3.5 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 155

  • Steps: 2227

  • Calories Burned: 129

Then I took a break because my ankle was bugging me and I wanted to get online to read about ankle flexibilty. Found this article with some exercises.

Paul came home with a surprise for me... well, two. I actually liked the Violent Femmes CD surprise more than the McDonald's for dinner surprise. I appreciate that he guessed I wasn't going to want to cook but gah...

Me: mcd's... again?!

Paul: Well, I guesse dou weren't in the mood to cook and I'm not in the mood to go out again so McD's on the way home was easiest.

Me: Ugh. Let's not do that any more!

Paul: Do you like your other surprise?

Me: Yes! Yay!

Paul: I thought you might like that for walking to.

Me: Yay!

Ok, I forgive him the junk food. I'm pleased he thinks of my walking as important.

Later I got the notice and we've now signed up for the 2004 Disney Half-Marathon! Yay! :)

Thursday, February 27, 2003

  • What: yoga

  • Time: 25 min


  • What: water aerobics

  • Time: 1 hour

Too tired to write too much about today's class... will do it tomorrow.

[... Next Day ...]

Man, Paul has to stop letting me sleep in the twin bed. It's ok for a nap but to be sleeping on it for days on end is bugging my back because I like a much harder mattress. If this keeps up I'll have to stick a board under it. That and he needs to make me take my horrid Glucophage at night -- he's too nice and I missed a dose and missed a shower and missed brushing my teeth. I just totally crashed.

I did some yoga before Holly came along to get me for class and I felt better. When she got here I was waiting on the porch so we took off and made it to class a bit early. Not that it mattered, because once again it was just me and Holly. Claudia sounded a little perplexed. "Where do these people go? Am I too scary? While they are here the love it and then they never seem to come back."

I figure it's going to be that way for a little while. Some days we'll have more some days we will not until late spring/summer when the weather is more reliable. The last half of class we did in drizzle. Isn't the first time and it won't be the last. So long as there's no lightning, then I don't care. You get wet from the pool anyway so who minds drizzle?

Mmm... I'm worried about the weather. It looks like rain and since Holly is picking me up for class later today I'm not sure if I should try to catch her at work or what.

I woke up today with sore arms -- either from last WA clas sor sleeping strange or something. So I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth thinking "Damn, I'm sore today...blah....wait a minute... wazzat?" I'd caught my reflection and then I strated looking at my arm. Guess what? I'm now cut from my wrist to my elbow. Deeply. Which is happy... but only proves my suspicion that all my body fat is now relocating to my stomach. Thanks, Glucophage. Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'm dizzy. AGAIN. I have this pinched feeling around my sinus and I feel light headed. I told Paul maybe I should go pick up a few HPT's and even though I don't think I'm pregnant... check anyway. God. I kick myself for rescheduling my Tues. doc appt. But what could I do? I have no car right now -- it's getting fixed. I had to reschedule. Blah. Someone tell me why I feel so strange?! Just 2 weeks to wait to see my docs. Nnnnnrrrrgh. Two weeks normally whizzes by so fast... it just can't come fast enough this time.

Decided to swap my day off friday with today since I feel so strange. I did however get a jump on the lawn and for curiosity more than anything else, wore my sportbrain. So I traveled a mile pushing that mower and scattering that fertilizer. That much less to do this weekend when we work on the back and front yards. I want something pretty and red -- will go nicely with the yellow tabebuia.

Looking at butterfly garden plans too:

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

  • What: water aerobics

  • Time: 1 hour

Three new people at water aerobics and then one lady I remember from summer. So class is growing again, and while that's nice, it means our workouts are not going to be as challenging because Claudia has to take time out to explain things to the newbies. Really that doesn't bother me too much -- WA for me is play more than anything else. I'm not training for water aerobics competitions or anything. And we've all been newbies.

Holly is excited because she's got a new bathing suit she likes a lot and in a smaller size than before. I'm excited for her -- it's always so nice to see progress -- even other people's. I gave her my old 5 lb weights I never use any more and she's trading me her extra hair dryer that she never uses. I'm growing my hair out and I 'm starting to need a hair dryer again. Paul says he's going to grow his out too.

I don't know what is the matter with Paul. He's turned into a big galoot. Or mabe I'm more sensitive? Whichever it is, I've receiving a lot of punches, bruises, smashings and clonkings. All he's trying to do is tickle, kiss or hug me but we end up colliding more than we end up playing snugglebunnies. I think it is him. I know it's him. I'm clumsy but I don't end up beating him up whenever I try to kiss him. It's like he's all arms and legs now and if you've seen Paul, you KNOW he didn't need more of that!

  • What: treadmill walk

  • Distance: 3 miles

  • Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

  • Average Speed: 2.5 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 120

  • Steps: 7149

  • Calories Burned: 351

Did the 3 miles I planned on doing today but I had to take it slower because of my ankle. I'd been going at 3 mph when it started aching so I slowed down to 2.5 mph and that was better so I finished the walk. Maybe the cushioning in these shoes is shot? I'll either have to go to the New Balance store or place an online order for a new pair of sneaks in a wide width. I'd tried to get some earlier around Xmas but then they never had a wide width and I had to keep exchanging shoes. Drag.

But the walk itself was good and I feel refreshed. Now so long as the weather holds I can make it to water aerobics class tonight.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Back from my appt. I feel really good. The JC Penney salon is pretty large and then there is a cluster of treatment rooms in the back for their spa services. I think I was the first appt. of the day and my massage therapist person was pretty nice. It was a little different from the Wyndham in that there wasn't any extra like a pool, suanas, etc. but then prices here are about $20 cheaper too. I had some tight spots in my lower back and my glutes -- didn't even know some of those were there. I def. feel a lot looser and mellow. Mmmmm....
Hooray! A day off walking! Only I'm starving and I just took my Levoxyl so I have to wait another hour before I can eat. But then, oh yes, THEN I can get dressed and buzz down to the mall and go to my spa appointment. I feel like doing a little dance. Now maybe my back will stop bugging me. Yay!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Progress Prompts:

Did you take any PE (physical education) class when you were in school? Did you enjoy it? Every week day for an hour from kinder to 9th grade I had PE. It was mandatory. Every so many weeks we'd move on to a new unit. I hated them all except soccer, weight training, and swimming. I was good at weight training, we were divided into abilities in swimming and I was in advanced beginners and didn't feel out of place with my group, and then soccer I liked not because I was any good but because I liked kicking. Every other unit we did from track to softball to tennis to... I hated. I simply wasn't esp. fit, and I felt left behind a lot of the time in those skills.

Were you athletically inclined? Nope. I never developed much endurance nor ability. We lived in an urban area with little wide open spaces so if I wasn't running around in PE at school I wans't running around at all. Neither of my parents is sporty and after early childhood swimming lessons they NEVER took us out to do sporty things. I had a slight interest in karate but my mom said no way because it was too boyish a thing to do. And I didn't dig ballet so only my sister went to that. In hindsight I just wish that my parents played with us more and did more active things with us or supported my interest in active things whether or not they considered it too boysih for a girl to be doing. They were very good about providing us with cultural stimulus and travel and so on beyond our basic needs, but not good at all with providing us with athletic experiences.

Have you ever participated in a team sport? No, not like an afterschool sport to letter in or anything. If it wasn't in PE I just didn't do it.

In an individual sport? Yes. I liked road races -- a discovery I didn't make until post-college. You have a lot of silly requirements for General Education classes in college. I'm actually a little surprised there wasn't a semester required in some sport thing. I had to have a year's requirement to grad HS (that's why I got it out of the way in 9th grade).

What sports have you tried, and what sport would you like to try/learn?
As an adult I've tried tennis, swimming, water aerobics, aerobics classes, yoga, tai chi, badminton, ping pong, walking, jogging, roller skating, roller blading, ice skating, weight training, mountain biking, casual biking fishing, archery, slingshot-ting (is that a sport or is that part of archery?) and bowling. I pretty much liked them all except aerobics. It's that group thing. I prefer tiny classes (less than 10 people) or couple things where you play against 1 other person. I can't deal with large groups. I secretly want to try hang gliding and windsurfing.

Do you enjoy/are you easily inspired from watching sports? No. I think watching sports is boring. I'd rather be the one playing the sport. So if I'm not in the game, I don't want to be watching other people doing it. There's better things to watch! I suppose I'd feel differently if I knew one of the players personally. Then it would be supporting my friend from the sidelines. But watch total strangers? Nah. Too dull.

  • What: walk in park

  • Distance: 3 miles

  • Time: 65 minutes

  • Average Speed: 3.3 mph

  • Average Heart Rate:

  • Steps:7535

  • Calories Burned: 410

I've been rereading all these books I've got on walking/running trying to decide how to approach the Disney half marathon. Before it was easy -- I had no other goal than simple completion. But having been there and done that, I want more. I want to complete it... but faster. So now I'm not quite sure what to choose as a training schedule and I flap about trying to make heads or tails of it. In the meanwhile, I stuck a lime green post-it to my monitor with a base miles plan and I'm going to stick with that for the next few months while I try to decide a) when I start a training schedule to build miles and speed and b) what that schedule will be.

Paul and I went for a walk in the park this evening and it was nice and cool. We were talking about what he wants to make as a new level for Return to Castle Wolfenstein now that he downloaded the editor. I had a little bit of a twinge in my ankle but it seems better so I had nice walk with no pain. He said he wants to have his levels have some historical basis so he's been digging around his map/history books to get ideas. He explained several possible missions to me and when he was explaining them they made sense but now that we're done walking and he's in the other room all I can remember that he said was something about blowing up train lines being easy because you just had to destroy track any place in the line, something about Norway and then something else about taking out power plants. He's finished the whole game without any cheats and I still can't play it!

I'm just going to have to play it in "God mode" for a few levels so I can learn what buttons controls what. I get into three rooms on the first level and by then I'm dead because I get confused in between switching from the knife and the pistol when I run out of ammo and by then some guard comes and nails me. I just have to be un-killable for a while until I get the hang of it and THEN I can try going through the levels with no cheats. It hink it took Paul somethign like 10 hours of cumulative game time to finish all the missions. Isn't it too bad games like that aren't attached to a treadmill? So when you are walking around in the Castle you really are walking?

The drive back from Jax was terrible in the rain. We made it back in one piece and we both had a good time visiting Nancy and Dave and baby Jacob. But lord... driving back was just awful! Poor Paul had to struggle with it and the icky construction and the icky traffic. I kept trying to fall asleep because then I would be spared having to watch (and spared a developing anxiety attack) but I kept jerking awake and asking him if everything was ok. I begged him to slow down a few times. Paul knows I hate it when people still speed in inclement weather. Hello!? Limited visibility! Slow the f*** down! He's so patient and I am sure I was making him bananas.

I don't know why I'm feeling like I do. panic attack waking me up last night, then another threatening to develop on the way home... stress rash on my neck making me itch like crazy... but I can't pinpoint what it is that is making me high strung right now. If I knew what was causing this latest round of freakydeakies I could start coping.

When we got home we had a messge from Dad. Dad's called to tell me relatives from Maine are here and to see if I wanted to go to lunch with them all. Which ruins my workout plans. Originally Dad was coming over to go to the park and fly kites. He's been missing me and we'd agreed kite flying sounded fun. So I planned on flying for a bit, then letting Paul fly while I took my laps around the park. Now that we're going to have visitors, I feel obligated to go to lunch and then hang for a decent interval before I can escape and go do my own thing. Goodness knows how long that will be. These visits stretch out for hours and hours.

I don't want to sound ugly but I don't remember my "cousin" or even exactly how we're related. I don't know her spouse nor her kids. They are strangers to me. I wouldn't know them if I passed them on the street. I had no idea we had relatives in Maine! My parents have never taken us to Maine to see them. How did they get to Maine in the first place? When did they leave Panama? Is she my first cousin? Second cousin? What? I THINK she's a first cousin... my Aunt P.'s daughter in Chicago... or is she someone else?

And isn't it terrible that I just would rather take my walk?

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I am in two minds about a) just getting dressed, throwing on a movie and taking a walk or b) trying to get some more shut eye. So if you'd been wakened before dawn by goodness knows what and felt unsettled, what would you do?

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1.1miles

  • Time: 20 minutes

  • Speed: 3.0 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 134

  • Steps: 2463

  • Calories Burned: 131

You suck it up and just walk. Went a bit longer than yesterday before my ankle started up. Maybe now I can get back to sleep.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Since Xmas I've been complaining to Paul about feeling my back all stiff and nnnrgh and he told me to just go to a spa and spend a day there having it rubbed down. I broke down today and made a Monday appointment. I haven't been to the JC Penney day spa before -- I hope it's nice. Maybe I can get them to rub my ankle.

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 0.6 miles

  • Time: 10 minutes

  • Speed: 3.0 mph

  • Steps: 1245

  • Calories Burned: 65

Today's walk is going to happen in installments. My ankle started up again much quicker than yesterday. So after another 15 min sometime today I'm calling quits.

I love, love, love the Smooth treadmill people. Every time I've ever had to talk to their customer service, they've bent over backwards to help me out. This last time was no different -- I wanted to ask for another treadmill manual since I've lost the one that came with it and less than 24 hrs later a copy is on it's way at no charge. I was expecting to have to buy it. If I ever want to buy more home gym stuff, I know where I'm going. They've got my business!

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 2 miles

  • Time: 45 minutes

  • Speed: 2.8 - 3.0 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 134

  • Steps: 5063

  • Calories Burned: 248

Walk for Thursday was pretty good other than my left ankle bothering me a little bit. A few water aerobics classes ago I think I stepped on it wrong during a series of kicks so I strained it a bit. So I stopped at 45 min although I could have gone on longer -- it was a nice comfortable, relaxed pace. We were watching Nuremberg. I think Paul is enjoying it more than I do since he knows more WWII history and can appreciate details I miss. I have to return the movies either tomorrow or Sat. so before then I want to watch Mists of Avalon one more time.

Adrith and I saw their booth at the fitness fair at disney... and now the One More Mile website is open. Yay!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I feel better now. I have that muscle ache that comes from being flu-ey sick -- annoying! But at least I'm not sneezing and coughing any more. What a drag! Holly was also sick so neither of us hit water aerobics Tuesday night. I'm planning on an easy walk tonight while we watch Nuremberg.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Many years ago when I was a small girl I got my Dad to buy me cartridge film so I could make this pinhole camera. The results were strange, but I've ben thinking of making this design again. I've made several others, but I've always had a fondess for this one. Probably because it was the first one.
Woke up this morning with weepy eyes, a stuffed up nose and athe start of a rattle in my chest. Looks like this week's blah feelings was really a cold developing. Started taking Sudafed. Plan to just rest this weekend and see how things go.

Friday, February 14, 2003

My raisin bran this morning is very chewy... too many raisins. That's normally the last bowl in the box because the raisins settle... but this is a new box! I must have just gotten a super raisin-y box this time. I like raisins but there is such a thing as too many. Ugh. They are all stuck in my teeth and I'm endlessly chewing.

I have to start over with PALA -- I realized that apart from the 150 min per week, it's a must that it's 5 days a week in 30 min chunks. Darn it. At least Idita isn't that way -- it's just cumulative. So I can catch up on that.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

  • What: Water aerobics

  • Time: 60 min

Had a good class today and I remembered to put the John Frieda "Life Preserver" oil in my hair to help block out the chlorine. Felt better afterward without that crunchy hair feeling. Claudia introduce two new kicking routines and let me tell ya... def. felt it in my legs afterwards.
I have to remember not to wear the color-block bathing suit and stick to the racer back one. Apart from the excessive boob bouncing it digs in the crotch and annoys me. So now I have had one bathing suit destroyed by chlorine, one that has shrunk in the wash, one racer back that is holding up and then the new one from a few weeks ago that I've yet to wear to water aerobics class because I worry the straps are too thin.

I have to try it this weekend and see how it is jiggle-wise and then decide if I want to get another racer back now or wait until I finish PALA as a treat.

Holly came and got me before class and drove us back so I treated her to chinese. Paul has my car while his is being fixed. Steered clear of fried stuff and had green beans with shredded beef over steamed rice. Such a nice little take-out place. Too bad they do not deliver.

The best part of my day was the mail. My Presidential Sports Award in the "Fit Start" category got here with a certificate from the president and a letter from the program director. Yay! So one down, 3 to go for the year.

Weigh-in-Wednesday: It's Sabotage

1. Do you keep anything in your home that is off program? If so, what is it? If not, how have you kept that up?

2. Do you have people around you that sabotage your efforts? If not, do you have offline encouragement?

3. Where are you most easily sabotaged? For instance... at work, at home?

1) Many things... soda, ice cream, crackers, chips... Paul's putting on weight while I lose it. I can't imagine a more bizarre situation for a dieter.

2) Not really -- no people sabotage me other than me. But yes, I have online support if I feel like looking for it.

3) I'm most easily derailed at dinner. Unless I cook ahead for dinner, I'm easily persuaded to do something else -- eat fast food, take out, have endless cereal, whatever. I opt for the easy choice because by that point I've been worn out. Too tired to care.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Argh. Woke up this morning with watery, weeping eyes. Damn allergies! :P

I have 90 min of walking looking at me today. I'm going to try to knock off 60 while watching a movie later today.

Changed my mind about yesterday's class too... my abs and back are sore today so I guess it was a harder workout than I gave it credit for.

And oooooh... exciting! They've listed it! We can register in a few weeks more... Yay! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

  • What: Water aerobics

  • Time: 60 min

Got back from class and had dinner. I need to deep condition my chlorine-y hair. Good class, but not as exciting as the last class. Some days are more challenging than others. now has a Nutri-Planner. Saw that one coming years ago.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Idita-Walk started today but I doubt I'll walk. My eye is still pink and teary from a bad allergy attack when we spent the night at my MILs this weekend. I can play with the dogs, but I cannot sleep with them in the same room! Argh! The other thing I did was sort of strain or sprain the bottom of my foot. It feels off.

But neither of those is a big deal and I should be fine later... the thing that is bugging me right now is my eating. Been eating out a lot lately because I have no interest in food. Neither eating nor cooking. And I eat because I HAVE to. I can't not eat -- that's not healthy. But I'm not esp. enjoying what I do eat and I know I'm putting convinience ahead of healthy choices. I know it's a phase I sometimes go through but I wish it would hurry up and pass.

Friday, February 07, 2003

  • What: treadmoves, walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1.1 miles

  • Time: 10 min DVD and 16 min walk

  • Speed: 2.8 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 130

  • Steps: 2543

  • Calories Burned: 129

Today was a mix. I did the first 10 minutes of a Treadmoves tape. It was neat, but I didn't get too far into it because it made me nervous. It's not something I'm used to -- bouncing around on the treadmill while it's running. I'm going to have to just get used to it a little at a time because I keep thinking I'm going to step down wrong and twist my ankle or fall off or something equally dreadful. I did watch it all the way through though and it looked fun. I liked that I have the choice of doing dialogue and music, music only, or dialogue only. So later when I memorize the routine I can shut her up and play my own music.

After trying it out, I changed to Gone With the Wind since I'm almost done rereading it and now I'm in the mood for the movie. I went for what I thought was the rest of a 30 min session but it ended up as 26 minutes. Scarlet's just arrived at the BBQ at the Wilkes' plantation and is flirting with everyone and pissing off India and Suellen.

My sportbrain seems to be calibrating better... I had the treadmill set for 3.0 mph and it gave me 2.8 mph -- close enough.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

  • What: water aerobics

  • Time: 60 minutes

Class today was good. Claudia is making us do new things with kickboxing influences and weight training influences. It was a lot faster paced and more challenging today -- very cool.

No exercise yesterday. Too caught up in watching Paul play Return to Castle Wolfenstein
in the dark. Scary! If weather holds, I have water aerobics tonight though.


This morning I was remembering all the things I've tried. What are all
the things you've tried for exercise? What did you like and not like? I went through
more than a year of experimenting... here is my list...

1) Water Aerobics.
Liked the class atmosphere, liked being in the pool because it was refreshing.
Kind to joints.

2) Swimming. Liked being in the refreshing pool. Kind to joints.

3) Tennis. I like the idea of it, unfortunately I stink at anything involving
a ball. Spend more time seeking balls I've hit over the guard fence than anything

4) Skating. I like the idea of it, but my skating skills have much to
be desired so I can't count on this for more than a "change of pace/only for fun"
kind of activity. I bash into things too much for it to be a reliable workout

5) Biking @ gym. Booooring and last resort if all other cardio machines
are taken.

6) Biking outdoors. Fun but at the mercy of weather. Mountain biking
on trails is the best but then there's the drive to get to said trails. Weekends

7) Stairclimber @ gym. Ugh. My knees!

8) Elliptical Cross trainer @
gym -- loved it! The only reason I stayed at the gym so long apart from weights.

9) Treadmill @ gym -- 2nd choice activity. Fun provided you have music. At
home it's much better.

10) Yoga class. Good -- just wish they had more hours
of it at gym.

11) Yoga at home. Good, but I'm not as consistent with it so
for me to be consistent it has to be a class setting.

12) Aerobics @ gym. Nightmare!
I'm very uncoordinated and the music selection is too loud and too horrible.

Aerobics @ home with a friend. Comedy and hysterically fun, but not much exercise.

14) Aerobics/Tae Bo at home -- ok, but dull after so many repetitions.

Bowling. Fun, but I don't feel like my lower body gets much work.

16) Archery/Slingshot.
Fun, but I don't feel like my lower body gets much work.

17) Weight Training
@ Gym. Good. I always enjoyed it and it was always pretty quiet and not busy when
I went but not consistent.

18) Weight Training at home. Good. Still enjoy it
but have the same Inconsistency problem I had at gym.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Today I'm not walking. I'm planning on attending water aerobics class because we're having a warm spell. But I'm anxious because I keep peeking out of the windows to see if these ominous clouds are going to turn into rain and doom my swimmy plans.

In the meantime, I've been surfing and I found Therese Ikonian's Total Fitness Network site. Neat-o!


Back from class. Claudia said it was nice to have me back. I had a nice time and I wasn't as out of shpae as I thought after missing a month of class. Holly and I went for chinese after so we could catch up a little bit.

Monday, February 03, 2003

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1.2 miles

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Speed: 2.5 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: n/a

  • Steps: 2034

  • Calories Burned: 156

Now both my ears are clogged up. Still sniffling, but if the weather is good I'm going to the pool tomorrow. Called the doc. for a physical and if my ears still bug me then he can look at them then. Chatted with Adrith today and she sounds like she's doing fine.

From Progress Prompts:
List your three favorite kitchen appliances/tools/gadgets. Why are they vital/critical to your weight loss program?

1) Digital Scale. Because I rather weigh things than measure things with measuring cups. It helps me be accurate with my food log.

2)Pur water filter/pitcher. Because it makes the water taste better so I will drink it.

3) Food Log. Not really kticheny, but still vital because that's how I keep track of what I'm eating.

I'm hungry now so off to eat dinner.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

  • What: casual biking at park

  • Distance: 5.1 miles

  • Time: 30+ minutes

  • Speed: 7 mph

Today we went to wal-mart and got Paul a new watch band and new watch batteries for the bike "computers." Then we came home and put air in the tires and took the bikes out to measure my walking route. Not that it was much good, because how do I know the bikes are measuring right? We used to check them against the car. But somehow I doubt I'd drive my car in the grass in the park! Sooner or later I'll get all the gadgets calibrated right, darn it!

Anyway, we rode around for a while at a casual pace and just talked while we were biking. Quiet day.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

  • What: walk on pier/beach

  • Distance: 1+ miles

Today we went fishing at Jetty Park. Of all places to be today.

But we had no idea, we left the house early and didn't look at any news. It wasn't til we were in Cocoa and I saw all the half mast flags that I realized something must have gone wrong NASA-wise. I didn't remember hearing any booms from landings/launches so I was puzzled. Then when we were walking up the pier with our gear I overheard another fisherman's radio saying something about shuttle pieces somewhere and I knew something bad happened. Paul and I hoped it wasn't going to be another Challenger and it turned out it was. Columbia fell apart this morning over Texas. Can you imagine how all these people must feel? The poor families!

And this week too! The same week 17 years ago for Challenger. I don't know what to think.

As for our day... We'd never been there before but I think if the fishing improves in warm weather it oculd easily become our favorite spot because apart from the fishing, you can hang out on the beach. There's playgrounds for when we have the nieces with us too. We got some nibbles on the pier but I really think it was too cold for the fish to bite a whole lot. Neither one of us got anything. The weather was warm but windy so it felt cool. It was supposed to be a high of 69 deg today so I went in shorts but took a hoodie sweatshirt with me. After tossing all the fishing stuff back in the car we took our shoes off and strolled along the beach talking, looking for shells, and just enjoying the scenary and each other.