Monday, April 14, 2003

  • What: Treadmill walk
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Ave Speed: 3.1mph
  • Ave Heart Rate: 148
  • Steps: 2252
  • Calories: 117

Not a good walk -- my ankles hurt. Probably from all the shoveling this weekend. Cut it short and stretched instead. Going to skip weights too. My shoulder hurt and now that I've been thinking about it, my neck does if I tilt to one side. WTF!? How do you strain your neck digging? I can see the ankles from bring my foot down on the shovel to get it to sink in and I can see the shoulders from actually moving dirt from the hole to the side, but what did I do to my neck to make that ache? Happy note -- I get my plants after the 21st -- I got the order notice from Bluestone Perennials in my e-mail. Yaaaay!

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