Sunday, April 27, 2003

40 minutes... 40 more minutes to wait before I can eat breakfast. Argh. I hate being off schedule with the meds. I want to wake up and eat immediately,. not wake up and wait for an hour after taking Levoxyl before I can eat. So yeah, still sleeping like a log and missing my night meds.

I have to get dressed and then pack a lunch and then go pick up Holly and go to the pool for a laps workout. Been very swimmy this week -- not much on the land cardio or weights front. Still waiting for Bowflex's package so I can replace the weird pulley and Paul swears he will help me tilt the treadmill so we can dust/clean the deck and put the lube down. It's making this squeaky noise and it's not as smooth as it used to be but then it's been more than a year -- high time for a deep down clean and a lube tube. Paul also swears he will help me with my planting but that I can do on my own next week if it comes down to it, the treadmill tilting I prefer he be there for.

35 minutes. Sigh...

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