Thursday, January 15, 2004

  • What: treadmill walk @ home
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Speed:2.0 mph
  • Distance:0.5 miles

Short preggo walk on the treadmill. Felt mostly ok but I could feel baby wriggling, settle down, and later in the walk she felt kind of heavy lower in my womb. Now that I'm resting she's squiggling around some more. I was hoping walking before bed would put her to sleep so I can sleep!

So our doula came over and we talked about both possible scenarios (natural vs induction) and our birth preferences for each. Tomorrow I have to type it all up and then e-mail her a copy. What I want to do is have a short bullet point list for the hospital staff and then an expnaded version for her and Paul to refer to if something unusual comes up. There's no point in putting down every little thing on the staff one -- I think longer birth plans don't get read as well nor honored as well as short and sweet ones. But at the same time, if something unexpected arises, I wanted my wishes known.

The little list in my planner book will do for bullets. Paul and I went to and to some other places to generate sample plans so we could adapt them to ourselves.

Paul was under the impression that an episiotomy was better than a tear while I felt a tear was better than an episiotomy so we asked our doula and she went over it a bit and told us to ask our OB her opinions on episiotomy as well. There was some other thing he was confused about... I can't remember now what it was but the doula seemed to clarify that for him too.

Really what I need to do is schedule a consult appt. rather than a short check-up OB appt. because ever since I was referred to the high-risk group, Paul hasn't had the chance to meet Dr. K. He came and met Dr. M. but through scheduling conflicts and things I've been seeing Dr. K. in the practice most rather than Dr. M. I met a midwife for one appt. but I forgot who she was already and I haven't met any of the other people.

(We both still miss Dr. G. and Terry and their office. Sigh. The larger practice groups can be so confusing!)

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