Thursday, January 15, 2004

Added this pix...

... to the belly photo collection. I was trying to compare it to the last one since today I felt this pressure or heaviness in my womb. Is this baby dropping yet?! I'm soooo ready for her to be born... Paul seems to think I'm either bigger since last weekend photo or lower. To me I just look rolypoly.

(editted to add...) Oh, and breathing... I can't tell there either. I have a chronic stuffy nose and asthma so that's not a good clue. Lots of cervical mucus, but who knows if it is just CM or bits of my plug?

Actually I was wondering if temps drop when you are getting ready to labor like they do when it's a sign of miscarrying or impending period? I've never seen that brought up on any charting sites because most people quit temping after the 20 days DPO and the confirm they are pregnant. That would be interesting to know.

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