Monday, January 12, 2004


This is day number 253 and you're 36 weeks pregnant!

You have 27 days or 4 weeks left, and are 90% of the way there. Baby's age since conception is 239 days or 34 weeks. You are due on 2/8/2004.

From The Pregnancy Journal:

Eight-five percent of babies are born within 2 weeks of their due dates, either early or late. You have entered that time frame now.

Since the detailed u/s they've gone back to using my chart's 2/8 due date rather than the 1st u/s's estimate of 2/5. Not that 3 days makes much difference but it puts me at 253 days into it now. I'm still hoping for her coming early.

Woke up with damp spots on my nightgown. Like the diapers, I'm starting with disposables and then moving to reusable once I've used up one package but shopping for breast pads yesterday was really annoying. I don't know why they can't rate them and package them like sanitary napkins.

Baby was sort of quiet yesterday and last night which had me a bit worried but she's squiggling around now quite a bit. Must just have been sleepy. My hips hurt and my back hurts. I soooo look forward to my Sat. appt. at the spa for massage!

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