Thursday, January 08, 2004

Took a shower and just took a short 10 min walk on the treadmill to see if a) it will make baby sleepy so I can sleep tonight and b) help with the edema like Dr. H. suggested.

So far my hands just itch like crazy like they have been doing all day long. Poo.

[12:33 PM]

I slept better last night so I'm going to try walking again. No dice on the itching hands though --- itch, itch.

Just got back from the post office down the road 2 miles or so. I was dreading driving over there and kept putting it off but I could no longer wait because bills must go out and Paul can't make it today. Driving is annoying -- all these little ab muscles I never think about when driving are suddenly aching at me because I'm pregnant. Not very comfortable! But the bigger problem is motion sickness -- if I'm a passenger I feel ok or can zone out. If I'm the driver I keep feeling like I am going much faster than I really am and I feel all woozy. Gross.

Phone juggling... I have scheduled another ultrasound on the 26th. At first it was the 22nd, but I wanted a morning time so Paul could come. So I suppose this u/s will be one of the deciding factors if I'm to be induced or not. If so, I hope they let me induce on the morning of the 27th. Then baby will match our birthdays -- Sept. 27 and Nov 27. But I'm still hoping she comes on her own. Hear that kid? If you are coming early you have 2 weeks and counting to do it in!

Then I called the lab to see if I need an appt. to do this HIV test or what and I can just walk in. Whatever other tests I'm required by the state to have before delivery, they better get me papers soon because I am tired of being stuck with needles for things. I just did a thyroid lab this week!

Then I called the spa to schedule a Swedish massage for Paul and a pregnancy Swedish for me for next weekend. Yaaaaaay! :)

Fasting glucose = 83. Whee.

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