Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Burned my tongue drinking too hot raspberry tea. Poo. :P Cold lingers but less snot coming out of my head. I have this awful headache and sinus pressure. And the back cramps/contractions. I did get some sleep when I could ignore it all but now I'm awake and ache, ache, ache. My MIL called to check on me earlier and I told her I'm hanging in there but just wish that it was one or the other (cold vs. baby) and not both at the same time.

When Paul gets home from work today we're meeting my parents at Office Depot to get a utility table so we can finish rearranging all the bedrooms. All these boxes all over are making me crazy. I'll let him do the furniture moving and I can handle the smaller sorting sitting down.

Thurs. I have nothing going on but the house stuff.

Friday I have an NST appt. and then more house.

Talked to Lara -- they got in ok and going to help at the Corvette meet this weekend. Paul wants to pop in for a bit on Saturday to check it out -- we haven't been to the annual meet in yonks. Sun. Lara and Dean will come over to visit.

All the above is subject to change at baby's whim.

Oh, and I just got the mail with my endoc. lab results. I don't need any thyroid medicine changes and I scored a 5.7 percent on my last A1C. Less than 6.8 is considered to be in "excellent control" of my glucose.

Go me! :)

9:57 PM

  • What: shopping center walk
  • Duration: 15+ min

No formal walk, but walked around the shopping center, Kmart, Office Depot, and grocery store looking for my parents who said they'd meet us at Kmart but were actually walking around themselves. I was wanting to walk on the treadmill later tonight while watching a movie. A bit annoyed by this impromptu walk since I hadn't planned on it and I was wearing clogs rather than proper sneakers. So now my feet are complaining.

While they were bringing us the utility table from the back, Paul went to price ink for the printers and Mom and Dad hung around with me at the register. Mom told me she thinks I'm lower than yesterday so I'll take another photo to compare when Paul gets up from his nap and can help me.

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