Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Just got home. Went out this morning with my parents to Wal-mart because mom wanted to get coordinating fabric for her baby dress project and Dad wanted pony beads for his craft project. I just wanted to walk around NOT on the treadmill. Stopped at the farmer's market so Mom could get produce. Then we went to Babies 'R Us where I bought a crib mattress. Then to lunch at this Italian restaurant we hadn't tried yet. It seems to be very popular -- the whole place was packed with lunch people.

I'm contracting on and off, still loosing plug chunks, and still waiting, waiting, waiting.

Paul made me laugh last night when he told me he was going to give me "frosty goblins" if I wasn't careful.

Me: What are "frosty goblins?"

Paul: That stuff I can't remember how to say right... "prostglands?"

Me: Ohhhh... you mean "prostaglandins."

(The OB mentioned that they'd start me with prostaglandin gel or similar to help ripen my cervix and the move to Pitocin when appropriate when we go to be induced Thurs. Our doula suggested lots of sex between here and Thurs. on the off chance it helps get it going quicker since semen contains prostaglandins too.)

Paul: Yeah, that. But it sounds much cuter as "frosty goblins," doesn't it?

Me: Weirdo!

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