Monday, January 26, 2004

Left the house at 7, back at noon. I think we spend 75% of the time waiting in the waiting room. After my postpartum visit, I won't have to go back to this office and I can go back to our family practice. Thank goodness. It's a shame because I like the Dr's, I just hate their administration. Too disorganized.

Anyway, the u/s was fine and we saw a healthy baby. She's 9 lbs or 9 and 2 oz though so after the u/s we saw a midwife. It happened that Dr. K. showed up so we may as well have scheduled with her but who knew we'd be waiting so long?

I'm 60% effaced, 2 cm dilated and I'm scheduled for induction but also pre-approved for emergency c-section onthe off chance something happens.

So baby has a few more days to come on her own if she's coming early. We're packed and ready to go. The only thing left is to stick the car seat in the car.

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