Sunday, January 11, 2004

Slept so-so. Got weirdly hungry at 4 AM so ate so my fasting glucose at 9 AM was 99 rather than lower since I didn't not have the full 8 hrs fast. My allergies are also killing me. Ugh.

I'm waiting for Holly to arrive and then we're off shopping for a few hours this morning and then back to my house for lunch.

Paul's mom called last night to tell us that they are taking Mawmaw off the resiprator. She's no longer "there" mentally and not responsive and she's been on it for what? 2+ weeks now? It's tearing up her throat and basically the only other option is to put her in a nurisng home with tubes for feeding and breathing. None of her children want that and I think her living will specifies it as well.

Paul's siblings are going down there with Mom B. Paul and I aren't going. I don't want to leave town any more and he doesn't want to leave me behind. So basically it's Mawmaw's time to go... it can happen in a few hours after they turn the respirator off or in a few days -- who knows?

A part of me is sad, but a part of me is glad. I'd hate for her to linger and suffer.

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