Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Reader Mojodiva asks:

"Was remembering your old fitness journal and wondering if you plan on beginning a new one a few months after baby arrives?"

Actually have already started to put it in place -- The Road to Orlando. It will cover getting fit post-partum and ready for the 2005 Disney Half Marathon with Adrith and Paul. I'm also trying to decide if baby is going to get a blog for her first year so friends and family can keep up with her that way. As for the old geocities stuff, I've archived it for myself but I don't know that I'll put it back up at that URL again because if I do a fitness, craft, and baby one, that's 3 already and I wouldn't want to keep a handle on a 4th. I did update the page that is there though with some notes for Jan. and the latest ultrasound photo.

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