Friday, January 30, 2004

Thanks for the good luck wishes! But would you believe I'm still here?

Yesterday afternoon we get the car seat in the car, run by Target to get camera batteries, then pop in at Chick-Fil-A by Target for a quick dinner and then make it to hospital for our 6 PM appointment. We waited until 8:30 PM in the waiting room. We saw one of our ultrasound techs, a family I recognize by sight from all those NST's on Tuesdays, Dr. W. who did our triage visit that one time they thought my NST's were weird, and our old OB Dr. G. who wished us well. It was nice to see him -- I still hope for baby #2 we can stay with him at his office.

Anyway, a nurse came out eventually and told us she was very sorry but all the beds were full since they'd been having several emergencies. We already kind of had that feeling from the long wait and all the stuff that had gone down the hallway -- baby incubators, some women in gurney's, some babies in those clear bassinet boxes, etc. She told us she didn't expect any beds to clear up until midnight at the earliest, but more likely 5 AM. We're on the "on call" list but she also told me she's has people from 11 AM appointments who are still waiting. So it may not even be til after 5 AM. We opted to go back home and sleep. I'd rather hang out at my house waiting to be called than hang out in the hospital.

Although I am slightly peeved. If they had people from 11 AM still to be placed, why didn't they call me BEFORE my 6 PM appointment to tell me not to bother coming in until they called?

On the bright side, it gives baby a little more time to get her contractions ramped up. Paul timed them and I'm still 5 min apart but not super strong. I've had every sign labor is near except water breaking.

Crazy weekend.

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