Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I slept most of the day and I feel a lot better. My joints in my hands hurt though and I get occassional cramps. I've been having random crampy pain/braxton hicks contractions/ itches/swelling or SOMETHING for a while now. It sucks. It is worst when I'm sitting or standing. Sigh. I keep thinking about labor and wishing it would hurry along and happen. As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant, the home stretch is really cumbersome and I really want to meet my baby!

The crib came in so Friday after the NST I'll see if my parents want to help me go fetch it in their van.

I am taking a break from cleaning the home office and organzing all the paper goods into "Neat Ideas Cubes." We have a bunch of "neat cubes" pieces we use to store things or use for iguana jungle gyms out in the cages and today I put two blocks together and the used cable ties to insert more panels in the middle for shelving so I can store our office supplies all in one spot and not have them getting wrinkly or dirty. Next I tackle the bills.

Blood sugars today range from 90-110. Yay.

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