Thursday, January 22, 2004

Thanks everyone, for the kind words re: Mawmaw's passing. The family is doing fine -- this wasn't unexpected given her age and with Mawmaw in and out of hospital since Thanksgiving. Mostly everyone is glad she did not have to linger or suffer for long. Now we're all trying to help Mom B. deal with the paperwork involved with shipping her remains to WV so she can be buried next to Pawpaw.

Paul just called from work to check on me before he drives over to his mom's to see what he can help with over there. I was napping and told him that I was feeling mostly fine -- still with the same contractions/cramps I've been having since Tuesday.

Then I got up to go to the bathroom and guess who loses her plug? I tried to call him back but he already left. Dang it. No broken waters or bloody show and losing a plug doesn't mean it will be today. But still exciting! :)

Called my doula to update her and she said it was good news and that my body is def. preparing the way. Left a message for Paul at his mom's so he knows. Called my parents to let them know just in case I wind up needing a ride quickly. Now I want to eat and probably go back to more nap!

As for the plug... it was kind of like a glob of not-quite-dry-rubber-cement. That sticky gooey but still wet it gets before it starts to get tacky, less flexible and going dry/crumbly. It was kind of white-green or white-yellow. Interesting texture. Maybe squashy like a slug?

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