Friday, January 16, 2004

Just got back from my 9:45 AM NST. I passed, but for a little bit they were concerned because baby got up to 170 BPM. She then settled back to my usual 150-160 BPM and since they like it at 120-160 bpm, I eventually passed the test. I have a sore throat so being kind of sick may have been the cause and I was having mild BH contractions throughout so that may have been the cause also. Dad stayed home sick and my SIL is also sick so this is going around.

After that Mom took me to the grocery really quick and then home. I had a bigger contraction unpacking the groceries than the ones from this morning. That one made me pause. I'm off to nap... feel a bit worn out from this morning. Still feeling that pressure in my lower womb -- if she's not dropping it sure feels like she is moving on down!

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