Sunday, January 25, 2004

Friends are coming over in a bit to visit. So a quick entry while we wait for them to arrive.

I slept iffy last night -- contractions and back cramps had me cozying up to my heat pad again. Plus a little spotting. I had that once before at the OB's office and she said it's probably from dilating. It really wasn't much -- just enough to notice it on toilet paper. Baby is rolling around, kicking, squiggling and so on. The part that bothers me most is my shoulders and upper back. I must be scrunching up when I contract or something.

Tomorrow is our u/s appointment and midwife appt. I'm feeling a bit anxious about it. Part of me is excited because we get another peek at baby. The other part of me is a little worried that she's getting too big and I'll be talking induction for later tomorrow or the next day. Part of me is hoping I get to wait it out. Part of me wishes she'd GET out by any means so maybe my back will be happier. It's very weird.

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