Friday, January 09, 2004

No walk last night -- conked out after we got home from dinner. Now I'm waiting for parents so I can go to my NST appt. and get the crib in their minivan.

When we were leaving last night to go to dinner we saw our neighbor and while Paul went to get the mail I stopped to chat. She asked how I was feeling and told me since she saw me last week I looked like I was starting to drop. I certainly hope so! I'll have to take another belly photo and compare to the last one. Baby was doing biiiig stretching movements while I was sitting on the couch so I was having fun watching my stomach ripple and move around.

I slept kind of funky last night -- one of those nights were I was hot and then cold and then hot and then cold.

So I passed the NST today, got blood drawn, and then we went to lunch (93 glucose, yay). Finally we went to Babies 'R Us to get the crib and we got it home.

Mom is getting hyper and excited about the impending birth and she alternated between feeling all cuddly and maternal (ex: giving me loving looks and patting my belly) to bossy and annoying (ex: telling me what to do and second guesing some of my decisions re: baby care). I know she means well but I'm low on patience, hormonal, tired, and tired. I don't want cuddles or admonishment -- I just want the baby out!

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