Monday, January 19, 2004

Still sick but on the mend. My head is starting to unclog. Slept on and off all day.

Paul is getting sick though and I hope he gets over it when I do so we don't play tag with it. He was going to see his grandmother in hospital after work but asked me to call his mom and tell her he's just going home -- he feels gross.

I have NST/OB appts. tomorrow -- blah.

On the baby front -- my boobs hurt, my back hurts, baby is wiggly, and the occasional BH contraction. 1 week to my u/s appt. I'm still hoping not to be induced.

This is day number 260 and you're 37 weeks pregnant!

You have 20 days or 3 weeks left, and are 92% of the way there. Baby's age since conception is 246 days or 35 weeks. You are due on 2/8/2004.

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