Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well, that's done. We've both entered in the 2005 Disney Half Marathon. Registration online opened up earlier than I thought it would.

Had a nice day today. Holly got me around 10 AM and we did the bank first and then popped into the new Jo-ann Fabrics where I got some more remnant fabrics for another practice doll quilt. Then we went to Panera for coffee and danish for a snack. After that we ran through my big long list of Target shopping.

I got a lot of the little things I was needing but I was really annoyed that I can't use a gift card and a 10% coupon at the same time. I wanted the 10% off, pay part of it with the gift card and then the rest of it on my Target Visa. But either the cashier didn't get it or they really won't let you do it.

But it doesn't matter, I'll use the gift card at another shopping trip -- it's not like I'll never be at Target again. We did some minor groceries so we could get a Boboli crust and Holly was kind enough to make our pizza while I put my feet up. We watched more South Park after we ate and then she went home. It was good to see her again -- she'd been sick over the holidays so I'd missed seeing her then.

My BIL called to tell us that Mawmaw perked up again after they took her off the respirator. Surprised everyone but we're all glad. We were expecting worse.

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