Sunday, March 02, 2003

"Progress Prompt:

Do you eat out? How often? Are you able to select healthy choices or are you easily overwhelmed or intimidated by the food menu? What are your strategies for staying OP if you're having a meal outside your usual parameters (at home, at work)?

We've been eating out a lot lately. Probably like 5 x a week or more. Isn't that terible?! I've had zero interest in food lately. And when I'm not interested, I don't want to eat, nor do I want to cook, so I end up eating stuff not because it's tasty or nutritious or I like it but because I have to eat something. A lot of it is just junk, but I try to lean toward things that are slightly better (ex: chinese food that's not fried) or at least choose kid's portions. When I'm more OP, I eat out on weekends only and I try to plan ahead what it will be so I can fit breakfast and lunch around it so my calories don't go too far off kilter.


I got a letter in the mail from Dr. H. saying that I need to reschedule my appt. with him because he can't make it -- which stinks because now I have an even longer wait to go see him. I see my GP on the 17th still so that's good. I really need to know why I've been feelings strange lately. I did order a mess of HPT's from so I can take that some time this week as well. I measured and my stomach is noticeably bigger. And I'm stressed, so my neck rash is itching like crazy!

I took the weekend off and did nothing. Oh, we went out on saturday but it wasn't for errands... it was for browsing garden plants so that was kind of relaxing. We also watched a movie and played computer games. Today Holly invited me to dinner so we had sushi and we also poked around at Ross and tried on a mess of things for kicks. Lots of fun. I feel mentally rested but physically I just itch all over. Nrgh.

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