Tuesday, March 25, 2003

  • What: Water Aerobics
  • Duration: 60 min

Water aerobics was fun, but painful. I didn't think about my chronic breast tenderness being a problem until we started bouncing around and I realized I should have worn a different bathing suit or a sports bra with it. Ugh! Although I've lost a some of the bloat, my breasts still hurt and have been that way for almost 2 weeks. Holly told me when I missed last class because I hurt way too much to come it was just as well because one of the little kids had a... Caddyshack moment ... and all classes were canceled so they could disinfect the whole pool. Yikes.

I came home to a message from Dr. Hall on the machine telling me not to start the Provera because looking more closely at my temp. chart I'd taken to my morning appt. there was a pregnancy possibility. Unlikely, but still better to get checked before starting the Provera. Hrm... I really wasn't thinking this cycle was looking that good but what the hell. I'll call him back tomorrow to see if an HPT is good enough or if he wants a blood pregnancy test.

This morning he told me my last thyroid values were perfect but my testosterone is still too high and I'm to focus on weight loss so we see more of a change in my 3 mos. followup appointment. And I have to get more lab work before then. And he said my Colette Harris PCOS Diet book looked interesting and it seemed sane so go ahead with it.

So some things to mull over.

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