Friday, March 07, 2003

Went to water aerobics after all.... it was ok.

Rescheduled vet and Paul's not going to be happy. Instead of 11 AM for just Ziggy, we now have to be there at 8 AM for him and Clyde. All because spaz Clyde went totally nuts yesterday and decided to pull one of her claws off and bled all over the place! She ran around yesterday in our room like a total freak and Paul put her outside in the cage to help restrain/contain her and it didn't stop her antics. Last night we had to soak her hand in Nolvosan and clean her up. She shredded Paul some more. Paul gave her a nest box to see if having a hiding place would help her out. I'm upset about the claw but Galahad pulled one off in infancy and I think so had Janis. Both grew back.

Lucy doesn't get this way when she's gravid. Moody, yes. Claws at the patio door, yes. Tries to bite Galahad if he tries to mate with her, yes. Poops all over? No. Shreds us to bits? No. Injures herself? No. She's mostly tired and cranky but still sweet. Shoot, she's confident enough to lay eggs in my hand.

Lucy's laid a few times but Clyde never has. So if Clyde is being this way because she's gravid and plans to lay, I need to plan to get her spayed ASAP. It's too stressful for her and too stressful for me. The last thing I need is for her to be gravid and then bust some eggs inside herself with her running around like that and then need emergency surgery. Ay!

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