Sunday, March 16, 2003

No formal exercise today. Today was gardening. This morning when I got up I went to look at the bachelor button seeds to see if they were sprouting. They were coming up so I cleared away weeds and leaves out of the flower bed and then decided to uproot 2 or 3 lariopes to spread them out around the rim better. They looked crowded. Paul came out when I was wrapping up and I told him that 2 more lariopes would round things out nicely. We went to lunch and then to Wal-mart and Lowe's for garden shopping.

We got round-up, weed & feed, the lariopes, some more bachelor button seeds, a hose caddy, 3 pavers, a flat tip shovel, and some vinyl coated 16 gauge hardware cloth and two stakes. When we got back Paul wound up the hose while I weeded behind the AC generator and then he helped me set the pavers back there in the gap so no more weeds can grow there. It's too hard to get the weed eater in there so I'm glad we won't have to deal with that any more. Paul put down weed and feed in the front yard while I squirted the cracks in the sidewalk with the round up and Mrs. H. next door offered some of her bags of rocks so we took 3 bags and filled the planters on the front stoop. I put the plants and seeds in the bed, and then we made round "tubes" from the wire mesh and closed the ends with more wire. Then we spent the rest of the time until dark raking and filling up the new compost bins. We wrapped up just in time because the rain started coming down.

The compost bin thing really makes me laugh. I found this picture of my mesh tube bin which they will sell to me for $42. Ridiculous. I spent $20 on coated wire mesh and coated training wire at Lowe's and made two bins. I have so much wire mesh leftover I can make 4 more bins if I feel like it. Why would anyone pay more? I thought I was going expensive because I felt like getting coated mesh instead of just galvanized. Someday I'll think about a different design but for now, this is fine.

So all I do this week in the yard revolves around mowing, weeding and raking. I can clear the rectangle bed out and get my dwarf ixora but once the compost is ready we can plot out a whole new bed and get a slew of bricks to outline it. Then we can relocate the shrub into it and decide what will go around it. Fun! :)

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