Wednesday, March 12, 2003

  • What: Water aerobics

  • Time: 60 min.

Lara left this evening. She came to water aerobics with me on Tues. and said she enjoyed it so much she's going to see if there's a class out in CA she join. We have a bigger group in class so maybe once we hit 20 people they will add on an extra class so we aren't so crowded. I got through it but I felt REALLY tired -- that "I've been sick and tire easily" thing.

After much surfing, talking and consulting with the spouses and popping in the AAA office, we decided we have to take our vacation in Spring 2004 to accomodate Dean's doctorate work so it ruled out a lot of the colder places like Alaska, the deserts, Maine. We ended up choosing Hawaii as the first choice so we can see the volcano park and if that falls through Yellowstone. Hawaii was warmer and contains all the stuff we wanted -- canyons, falls, volcano, caves, etc.

I was right in my rough budget of about $3000 so later in fall I can work on trying to lower it by finding specials.

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