Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Progress Prompt:

Childhood obesity is on the rise. Why?

I think childhood obesity is on the rise because of these things:

  • school requirements for PE or recess have changed
  • kids don't get themselves to school as much as in the past -- they are driven or take the bus as well as walking or biking
  • we are now a TV/Internet culture where radio/TV were luxuries in the past
  • kids play baseball more in videogames than in the field
  • kid's parents are also more inactive, so they pass the habit on
  • school lunches are really usually corporate "leftovers" and not necessarily balanced nutrition
  • vending machines in schools
  • family food habits aren't great and kids learn their eating habits at home
  • kids have more spending money and if it's up to them to get something to eat, it's going ot be junky.

Really, the list of possible reasons can go on and on.

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