Thursday, March 13, 2003

  • What: Water aerobics

  • Time: 60 min.

Felt better in today's class. My energy is coming back. Yay!

I have this annoying little boil kind of thing in my armpit and now that I'm reading I see a lot of PCOS people get them. Joy. Yet another weirdly skin thing to watch out for apart from the neck rash, the groin rash, the jaw acne, the skin tags, the dry hair and elbows, the dark patches, the velvet texture to my ankle... I have my annual physical with the GP monday and then the next week the RE. I was telling Paul that I'm starting to feel so wacko that Nancy's suggestion about going back on the pill just to give myself some time out to get more stable feeling is starting to sound more and more attractive. I'm at the mercy of hormones. Yargh! :P

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