Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Still no workout... but the lawn is mowed, the fences and beds edged, and I've put down 6 packets of bachelor's button. Next comes building my compost bins and massive raking which I should have done in fall but somehow missed entirely. After that, some planning and a trip to the nursery for the plants I don't want to start from seed. Possibly some railroad ties to make some fast rectangle beds because I don't have the funds to buy a mess of stone to make beds from. Sure it'd be nice, but I can't afford it. The two beds we did in stone were aloready several hundred -- can you imagine the whole border of that huge yard?! Not unless I win lotto. And since I never buy tickets that tells you how soon that will happen.

I got David Holt's Best Half Marathons book today from Amazon. First skim and my impression is that the info is sound enough but the layout of the book is amateurish. Not enough margin space, the font is too chunky, and the endless blocks of text with no side bars or quotes for visual relief makes me tired even before I get into it. I hope another edition comes out down the road that's better designed.

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