Thursday, March 27, 2003

  • What: lap swim, Water Aerobics
  • Duration: 15 min each

Horrid weather. I got to the pool at 5:30 just as Claudia was getting there so I started doing laps to warm up before class with one eye on the sky and one of on the annoying little kid who kept popping into my lane. The whole pool was empty save for me, Claudia and this kid, and he couldn't stay on the other two lanes or in the shallow pools, he just HAD to be in my lane or in Claudia's section. Dingbat.

I was surprised that 10+ people showed for class in that weather -- usually I expect people not to show. We got 15 min into it before the lifeguards made us get out and we hung around for another 20 to see if it would lighten up but it didn't. So we all went home. My tie-dye bathing suit is dead. The chlorine has killed it just like the orange flower one. The orange flower one died in the side and stomach, this one is getting it in the back -- going all thin and no longer stretchy. So I have to move on to the hawaii print one for class. This means I have to go shop for a second back-up suit because I give the hawaii print a few months of weekly wear before that one also dies.

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